Friday, December 2, 2011

Movie Review: 'Dirty Picture' is not as Sizzling as it Looks!

I actually bunked office with some lame excuse to catch the first day first show of this movie, but the risk was not worth taking! The movie says that there are three things which are required to make a hit movie - entertainment, entertainment and entertainment! But all the director offers in the name of entertainment is a not so soothing display of Vidya Balan's fat!

I aint writing much about this. The movie is very haphazard without any story line, you keep wondering whats really happening and why it is happening. We were expecting to see Silk Smitha's biography (a South Indian item girl who was a rage in the 80's) but the effort on research was minimal. The movie has some 'filmy' dialogues but I have to admit that it has some funny ones too :). I like the one where they say that there's a woman made for every man, and if you can escape her then your life is saved! There are a few cheezy but interesting ones too. Those are the few elements that make the movie interesting in parts.

The film that was supposed be hard-hitting hardly hits your heart or mind.. It does pain the eye! Vidya Balan has shown some scary flabs in the weirdest clothes. Yes, she has done a rather bold role, but even that bold performance could not bring enough substance to the movie. I also agree that the character she was depicting wasn't exactly slim, but I wish they focused a little more on the story and research rather than her bosom and belly. At times the story reminded me of 'Fashion' - struggle, fame and fall.

None of the actor deserves a special mention except Vidya because none of the others has any strong define. Naseeruddin Shah plays a south- Indian superstar who manages to woo the audience with his performance as a college boy even at the age of 50, and who is also known for giving 'career breaks' to many young girls. I kept wondering why he had to take up that role at all (but I bet he had some fun too ;))! And the most pleasant lover of hers - Emraan Hashmi got the least screen time (but they managed to kiss).

I expected something better and was thoroughly disappointed! My rating is 1.5 + 0.5 for Vidya's courage i.e. 2 on 5 and my advise is - I know there are some movies that we just want to watch at any cost and this is one of them. But if you can then stay away from this one! It's not really as sizzling as dirty as it looks like!

In case you're wondering what Silk Smitha looked like, here's a picture from Google. But please do notice that she had toned abs!