Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hello NYC

I have been missing in action for over a month now!! Looks like I suddenly disappeared from the blog world.
But that's not quite true.. The truth is I am in NYC and I feel I don't have enough time to even breath. Infact things like sleeping, bathing, TVing feel like a waste of time in the city :). (But I don't exactly skip any of those except the TV)..

I will be back soon. Shopping has just started. Got a DSLR to start with.. Rest will follow. I have been taking a few photographs, but honestly don't get the time to even transfer them. I know you're probably wondering what is she soo busy with, but the city has too much to offer. The stores are so huge that they actually buffle you with choices and turn you into an inefficient shopper! Here's one of our favorite ones! More will follow..

Forever 21 at the 34th Street!