Saturday, November 19, 2011

Top 3 Budget Long Lasting Lip Colors (under Rs 500): Review, Photos, Swatches

Yes, I am obsessed with 'long-lasting' things :) including in makeup. So here are my picks for the best 3 long lasting lip-colors around Rs 500 ($12).

Pick 1 - Colorbar Extra Durable Lip Color
I have reviewed this in detail here. Here are some excerpts. The shade here is 'Candid'.

Product Details
Range of Colors: There are 15 colors available. Mostly nudes and subtle shades and there is one bright pink.

Price: Rs 450 when I bought, but 500 now :(
Quantity: 4.5 ml X 2
With Gloss: Yes
With Applicator: Yes

The Texture: When you apply the color alone, it dries up within a minute. But once you apply the gloss, you would not feel any dryness at all. Infact feels quite creamy and moisturizing.

The Pigmentation: Quite good.

The Finish: Since it has gloss, so it gives a nice shiny and glossy finish to the lips with a little bit of shimmer.

The Staying Power: Yes, it does stay upto 10 hours. In fact in a couple of instances when I did not have anything, it stayed for even a longer time till I removed it. The gloss would wear off first, but the color stays on for a long long time.
Watch Out
After long hours, my lips start flaking and layers of color start coming off. This is after over 8 hours though, but is a bit of a problem.
Also shades are subtle colors, tough to find a bright one.

Pick 2 - Chambor Flowing Lipstick (Stay on Color with Shea Butter)
(The shade here is Innocent Rose)

Product Details
Range of Colors: A wide variety of gorgeous colors
Price: Rs 550
Quantity: 4 ml
With Gloss: No
With Applicator: Comes with a twisted brush (See pictures below)

 The Texture: Soft, Creamy yet light on the lips

The Pigmentation: Very Good

The Finish: Since it does not come with a gloss, the finish is creamy and gives a matte look. You can always team it up with a gloss if you wish! I have a bright pink shade. It has a very subtle shimmer too.

The Staying Power: Excellent! Definitely lasts for over 7 hours

Watch Out
It tends to dry the lips without the gloss.

Pick 3 - Maybelline Super Stay Gloss
This was my first experiment with long lasting colors, and it was perfect. Maybelline is my favorite drug store brand since it gives you good quality products in reasonable prices. This lip color delivered what it promised - stayed for super long! I went for a second and then the third one, but that unfortunately had some leakage issues. The replacement that I got from Shoppers Stop also had leakage issues. And I have stayed away from it since then. But I won't mind trying it out once again.

They have a nice range of colors available including pink, nudes etc. Last I checked they were phasing this out and planning to introduce a 24 hr stay lip color. I somehow thought 12 hr was enough :)

Product Details
Range of Colors: There are some nice and bright colors available
Price: Rs 380
Quantity: 4.5 ml each
With Gloss: Yes
With Applicator: Yes

 The Texture: Soft, and Creamy but gets a little sticky if you apply too much. You are supposed to apply the  gloss after the color dries up. Only that wait is a bit drying.

The Pigmentation: Very Good

The Finish: Glossy. Makes the lips look fuller.

The Staying Power: Excellent! It usually does not go until you remove it with a cleanser.

Watch Out
None, except the leakage thing mentioned above. It is great value for money.

And finally the swatches for Colorbar Candid, Chambor Innocent Rose ans Maybelline

Which is your favorite long lasting lip color, tell us about it!


indian beauty central said...

Hi nice picks, could you please post swatches of Chambor lippie, the color looks gorgeous

Gauri said...

Innocent Rose is so pretty.

beautydiva said...

I will check these out. Thanks for sharing :)

Rakhshanda said...

all shades are gorgeous, interesting post!!

Girlie Blogger said...

Gorgeous colors. Creamy and nice.

Fictitious Fashion said...

Nice post.
I have Lotus and a different Maybelline lip glosses.. Lotus one dries pretty fast but Maybelline is awesome..
P.s. could you please tell me how do you get ads on ur site?

Did u see my new boots? I'd love to have you there :)

You can also follow me on Facebook.. I'd love to follow you back there..

thePURPLEspirit said...

Hi! I'm on the lookout for a long wear lip colour and your post couldn't have come at a better time! Haha. I've tried the maybelline one but it clumped up and got sticky on my lips and the gloss just felt too heavy. Sigh. Didn't work on me. I wanted to ask you if the colorbar one is similar? You mentioned the gloss is lighter but the actual colour part- it like the maybelline one?
Also, is the chambor one like a lip paint too? I mean, does it stay on even after a meal like the maybelline one? Do you need baby oil to take it off? Or would you say the chambor one is not soo long staying?
Thanks in advance! Sorry for asking so many questions though! Hehe

Hungover on Fashion said...

@ibc: Hey, I have attached the swatches for all 3

@Akansha: You get ads through ad sense

windyar said...

The pink shade is absolutely adorable! I like the MaxFactor lip products because they're all long lasting.

bhumika said...

loved innocent rose..:)

Glamorous Barbie ♥ said...

innocent rose is such a gorgeous shade!

My Take on Fashion and Beauty said...

wow...innocent rose looks so gorgeous!

Mimi said...

the colors are all so pretty! and i love how they are long-lasting!

<3, Mimi
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fashionistas stop said...

I have this same shade from colorbar and i love it..awesome it is..!!

following you and on facebook too..hope you'll do the same.. :)

check out my new post..

Megha Sarin said...

WOW! Great colors..nice post


sarees said...

Ohh wow these colors are really fabulous...Thanks are lot for sharing!

pratibha said...

nice collection lip glose and liners.