Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nose Pore Strips for Blackhead Removal, Do They Really Work?

Everyone wants to get rid of blackheads. There are a few options available but tweezer is undoubtedly the best way to do so.  But its not easy to use one and can be a bit painful too! Scrubs are usually useless. Nose pore strips instead are much more convenient and effective in removing blackheads. But before I used one I had several questions on my mind like

1. Will nose pore strips really work?
2. Will the glue harm my skin?
3. Will it be painful?
4 Will there be any side effects?
5. Will nose strips prevent future appearance of blackheads?

I have tried a couple of brands from New U. Though both were kinds of effective I prefer the second since they have white strips and I feel are partially better. It is also a better known and more popular brand.

1. Cool & Cool Charcoal Nose Strip (shown above) - Rs 59 for a strip
2. Beauty Formulas Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Strips (shown below) - Approx Rs 45 for a strip

So here are the answers to my questions.

1. Will nose pore strips really work?
It depends on your skin type, hair growth and also the brand that you choose. I am lucky to not have a serious blackheads problem and I was pretty pleased with the result. The satisfaction of seeing the unwanted hair on the strip is immense :). I think it definitely removed 80-90% of the blackheads and I could not see anything extra blackhead on my nose.
A couple of other friends have also tried this and this is what they feel. While a friend who had a pretty thick hair growth said, these pores removed 70-80% of the blackheads but she could still a few left!

2. Will the glue harm my skin?
Most of the glue usually comes off with your pull and if it does not, it is very easy to wash away. I searched on the internet and concluded that the glue does not do any harm to the skin. I am convinced since I have not faced any problems so far.

3. Will it be painful?
Absolutely not! The tweezers can be quite painful at times though!

4 Will there be any side effects?
I did have the thoughts that I might experience some itching/ burning sensation after use. But thankfully there was no side effect at all!

5. Will nose strips prevent future appearance of blackheads?
Nope, they do not prevent the future appearances. Home remedies can help in that regard.

What I like about nose strips for blackhead removal
1. Very convenient and painless to use, directions given very clearly on the pack
2. No affordability issues
3. I did not experience any side effects like itching/ burning etc.
4. It is quite effective!

Have you used one? Share your experience!


Fictitious Fashion said...

very helpful post.. I was thinking about the same only.. my skin is very sensitive.. and the blackheads are very tiny.. So shall I use them? n what are the after remedies.. pls do share.. what creams etc to use :)

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Vanity said...

i have the beauty formulae one..didnt work greatly for me. may be now i'll give it 1 more chance!

crazypoplock said...

I own a packet of black nose strips which I bought from sasa.com. I always forget to use that and hardly used 3-4nose strips in 4-5months time lol. But they sure do work.


Nivedita said...

Thankfully I am not plagued by these horrible things. But yes, if so many people across the world is using, it might not be really bad.
but this is a really helpful post for duds like me who are always in doubt

fati said...

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