Friday, April 22, 2011

Fashionable at Work: Accessories for Women

As promised, I am back with my fashionable accessories for work. Let's begin with an easy rule, ''Keep it simple, keep it sleek'. We cannot wear heavy accessories to the work place (I am not talking of the fashion or film industry here, they don't have any rules :)). So let's keep it simple, sleek and yet stylish.

For the Neck

I love my pearls when it comes to the neck. I have them in almost all the colors! They're always a part of my street shopping extravaganza. And they aren't expensive either. But if you have the money, you can splurge on the real ones too :).

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Next to pearls, I like multi-layered and narrow hanging ones.

Images compiled from Various Sources on the Internet

The bottom two necklaces are from Accessorize (Rs 750)

Tip: One must chose the necklace depending on the kind of clothes you're wearing.

High Neck: Something that you can wear over the high-neck. Pearls go well here. Hanging pendants are not advisable. You can also go for something long here.
Deep/ Open Neck: Long pedants look great here. Make sure the necklace does not cover up all the open spaces here. 
Shirts: Something tightly hugging the neck or hanging pendants look great with shirts!

I actually found this from the net which is a good guide for necklaces for different necklines.

Images from the

For the Ears

Hoops are my all time favorite. They come in various shapes and designs. 
You can get platinum, gold or silver hoops. For starters you can try some imitations. They come for as less as Rs 20! I love my silver hoops. They come in the range of 150 to 500 depending upon the thickness. I usually pick them up from GK M block There are several silver shops in Connaught Place and Khan Market too.

Tip: Make sure you get the right size, if you have a small face, you should not buy a large hoop!

Images compiled from Various Sources on the Internet

I also like studs.In fact I like collecting silver studs in various colors matching my clothes.
Sterling silver is the best in this case, both in terms of price and design.

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For the Feet
  • Black stilettos are something that every woman must have - working or non-working! But if you find it too difficult to carry those narrow heels, pump heels will rescue you. Even flat shoes are considered formal. 
  • Closed, peep-toes and even sandals are all formals. Depends on the type you buy!
  • Black and browns are the must have colors.

Tip: If you're wearing a pencil skirt or a business suit, closed stilettos/ pumps would look much more classier than flat sandals!

Images compiled from Various Sources on the Internet

For the Waist
Thin belts look the best with trousers.
Thin or broad both go well with dresses as well as long tops.

Images compiled from the Internet

I know there are more to a woman's accessories, bag, bracelet, watches and so on.. Would love to write about them as well, some other time!

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PeachesandBlush said...

That necklines and necklaces thing is really cool. Im gonna save that and check iot out when im wearing necklines like that!

Hungover on Fashion said...

yeah..even i really liked it. I mean we all know the basics, but the illustration was pretty cool..

EVE-O-LUTION said...

Im sooo saving this post!!! very very informative.. thanks dear :)

EVE-O-LUTION said...

Im sooo saving this post!!! very very informative.. thanks dear :)

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