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Fashionable at Work: Office Wear for Women

appWe all know any work gets monotonous and boring  after some time. What can we do to motivate ourselves to wake up and go to office every morning? May be telling yourself that you have yet another chance to earn some compliments and wows. So, here are some things you can do to spice up your work wardrobe a bit. But do remember, the way you dress up says a lot about you. So look smart at work and not suggestive.

Add Some Color
Of course we can't do without the whites, blacks and greys, but might be a good idea to promise yourself to not buy those colors for the next 2 months. Blue, purple and plum are the colors of the season. Maroon is also a nice color for office wear. And last but not the least, perky pink!

Skirt it Up
Skirts are my favorite when it comes to office wear. I love pencil skirts!
  • A high waist pencil skirt helps you look slim. Ideally the top/ shirt should be tucked in.
  • Also, wearing flats with a pencil skirt totally kills the look. A high heel on the other hand accentuates the right curves. 
  • The fit on the hip must be perfect and the length should be just till the knee if its high waist.
  • You can also go for a flared skirt.

 Try a New Style in Trousers
Men do not have much of a choice in terms of office wear, but we do :) So why not try something new, may be a pair of wide legged trousers. They look cool and chic. I think you should be able to find something in Zara and Mango amongst other stores.

Flaunt some Dresses
Dresses at Indian work places were not very popular till about a couple of years back. But now it's a must have in the wardrobe. What's good for office?

  • Straight or A line dresses, not too tight, preferably with a belt.
  • I prefer a fabric with some elastane since its falls nicely on the body. 

I have some dresses from Van Heusen. You will find good stuff in St. Oliver and Mango as well.

Frilly Shirts
Shirts are the most traditional formal wear. Better the fit, smarter the look. The stretchable ones can hug the curves. If you want a 'different' shirt, may be you can for a frilly one.

Play with the Neck
If shirts make you feel claustrophobic, lets try some open necklines.
  • The scoop and the deep V are my favorites. 
  • I thought of including a neckline guide from the net if you can't think of what kind of neck your next top should have. 
  • By the way though closed, high necks are great for office wear, especially in winters under the blazer.
Top from Zara

Neckline Guide
 Power Dressing
A business suit is a must for the work wardrobe.
  •  You can go for a suit with trousers or skirt. Both are equally formal.
  • I personally feel the closed button look is smarter.
  • Get a suit with a good fit and the right length of the blazer.
  • I like Benetton's business suits a lot. They fit me well. You can normally get the set for around Rs 8k. The best time to buy those is during sale when they are at a 50% off. Van Heusen also has a decent collection of suits.  
  • You can also get them tailor made from shops like Raymond etc.
Suits from Van Heusen
Your office attire is incomplete without a nice shoe, a smart belt and some sleek jewelery. In fact they are quite essential and I want to write a separate post on them with some pictures from my closet.

Not So Fashionable
Read here about things which are unfashionable at work ad should be avoided!

*Pictures from Google Images, Van Heusen Catalogue and my closet


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