Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Match or War?

The media keeps saying its just a match and not war, just that they themselves don't quite believe it!
Any news channel you switch to, they can't stop talking about the India Pakistan Semi Final World Cup 2011 at Mohali!

Offices Declare a Half Day!
Colleges Shut!!
No Traffic at 6pm!!!
Tickets sold at...God knows what prices!!!!

Of-course it's more than just a match! 
Here are some heart warming pictures!
The Fan who doesn't miss a single match!

Pictures from Google Images


Poohkie said...

It's definitely more than just a match, but I wish it wasn't. Then the nation's collective BP wouldn't hit the roof!!
But OMG! What a low score! :( :(

PeachesandBlush said...

Yayyyyyy Hope india wins ..from the looks of it ...its not likely :( I blame nikhil.

Nivedita said...

Really the media blew it out of proportion!!!

Poohkie said...

I take it all back! Our bowlers were awesome!!!

Hungover on Fashion said...

Yeee! We won..!!!!!

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