Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chambor Eye Tattoo Pencil: Swatches, Review and Comparison with Colorbar I Glide

 I first bought the Black Chambor Eye Tattoo Pencil. I liked it so much that I also got the Green from the same range. Here's my review.

Green (Top) and Black (Bottom)

Product Details
  • Price: Rs 325 for 1.15 gm
  • Shade: They don't have names, only numbers. ET 01(Black), ET 03 (Green)
  • Range: Chambor Eye Tattoo Pencil
What I like about Chambor Eye Tattoo Pencil
  • The Pigmentation: All you need is just one stroke to get the perfect color. No struggle involved!
  • The Texture: Its very soft and applies smoothly on the skin.
  • The Color: The black one is very dark, gives the kohl look without any shimmer, just as I like it. The green one is a shade I adore and I love the slight shimmery finish (you can see it in the pictures). I actually think its a greenish black rather than blackish green. Also, since it's almost black and not a stark green, you can wear it everyday no matter what the color of your dress is!
  • Pretty Long Stay and Smudgeproof: It stays on nicely for almost 12 hours without smudging. But it can smudge if you happen to rub your eyes vigorously!
  • Easy to Wash off: Comes off easily with a facewash or make-up remover.
What I don't quite like about Chambor Eye Tattoo Pencil: None really!
Overall Rating: 4/5
Will I Buy it Again? Well I already did!!

Comparison with Colorbar I Glide Eye Color
Though I like both of these eye pencils, while I rate Chambor slightly higher in pigmentation, Colorbar is far superior in the smudge-proof aspect.

  •                           Chambor     Colorbar
  1. Pigementation 4.5             4
  2. Smudge-proof 3.5             5
  3. Texture 4.5            3.5 (Soft but breaks easily)
  4. Finish 4.5            5
  5. Washing Off Ease 4.5            4.5
  6. Overall 4            4

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Tanveer Parmar said...

I have this in brown & really like it a lot myself :)

PeachesandBlush said...

Love the blackish green color of chambor eye glide!

bhumika said...

nice..wud check out....hey u wrote none really in what I like...I guess it wud be dont like..

Hungover on Fashion said...

@Bhumika: Hey thanks, I corrected it :)