Thursday, March 10, 2011

World Cup Fever, Cricket Fashion

Cricket is an amazing phenomenon that unites India! If you happen see a huge crowd outside the TV shop around the corner, it's got to be India playing a cricket match. Be it a scorching hot day in Delhi or a damp and rainy one in Kolkata, nothing can dampen the spirit of the fans.

The crowd forgets everything else and screams in unison when Sachin hits a six, be it in the the stadium or the office cafeteria or the local groceries shop with a TV or the hostel common room or outside a restaurant in a premium mall or may be even your own drawing room. I am myself a great fan of the game!! And so I thought of dedicating this post to all those who love the game and makes the effort to show it as well :)

I really wish I could take some pictures myself, but did not get a chance to go to the stadium. So putting up some stuff from the web that I found interesting! Tell me which one you liked the best!

Actress Mink Bares her Back

Actress/ Singer Sofia Hayat sports the 'Paul the Octopus' Hairstyle

The Ladies Show their Support with their Tricolor Hairstyle

Ganesha Style Indian Fans

South African Fan

Sri Lankan Fans

Assorted Fans

*All Pictures from Google Images


Hungover on Fashion said...

I like the tricolor hairstyle the best! Must have taken a lot of effort!!

PeachesandBlush said...

Those hairdo's are bloody amazing of those 3 girls.. Gives me some ideas for tommorows match...hahah

šмaгyaм said...

I love the photos! It's so true ... cricket does bring people together! x

Ik said...

I can believe we lost like that yesterday!!:|

Hungover on Fashion said...

neither can i..wanted to write on 'rocking start to shocking end' but was too disappointed to even do that!!

Ik said...

hehe yesss it was just too bad how we lost it! I cant get over howww they could manage that! :P