Saturday, March 26, 2011

The 'Holi' Day!

My Holi Look

Holi is a festival I adore!! The colors, the desserts, the food, love them all!

Here are some pictures of how I enjoyed this Holi with some traditional Holi food, courtsey my mom-in-law and my sis-in-law. My contribution was limited to filling up the kachauris!!

You can see the recipes for some of these and lots more at my sis-in-law's food blog

Stuffed Kachauri
Recipe here.

Mal Pua

 Dahi Vada

Chocolate Donuts
Not quite 'traditional' but yummy! Recipe here.


PeachesandBlush said...

omg those donuts look so yummmyyyyy..
and amazing snap...

Hungover on Fashion said...

ya..they were made for my office colleagues, but I couldn't save them!!! Ate them all..

Chloe Mia said...

I agree those chocolate donuts do look delicious! x

Nivedita said...

Love the first and the last photo. The donuts look so yummy!!!

SinFoodie said...

LOL, Can't believe you had all the Donuts . That is a big compliment in itself :D Thank you. :))

Hungover on Fashion said...

Well, dint exactly have ALL of them, left a couple of them for my hubby :)