Friday, March 18, 2011

Lakme Fashion Week 2011: Weird Designer Styles

'Weird' seems to be my favorite words these days! Can't help it, the Lakme Fashion Week is giving me enough pictures. Almost all the designers had a trademark pattern in their collection, be it the color of the clothes, hairstyle or makeup. Some of them were different, some weird. But they were certainly interesting! Take a look.

The Joint Eyebrows from Anamika Khanna
 I can't believe that the designers put in so much effort in making their models look like this!!
Modeling at one point used to be about good facial features, but now its more about 'natural' features I guess!

The Nerdy Look from Sabyasachi
I am not sure if nerdy looking women with a turban hairstyle can exactly be called as fashionable!

The Hot Towel Look from Masaba Gupta
Is this a way Masaba Gupta is following to improve her models' balance walking?
Or is it an unfinished hot towel session that's now reached the ramp?
Whatever, these models are under a tremendous 'burden'.


The Scary Hairstyle: Permed, Blown, Feathered from Anupama Dayal


Gauri said...

♥ it!!

Anonymous said...

God, how ugly and unfashionable!

Nivedita said...

The first ine might be an attempt to make it look androgynous with a feminine twist of the jacket. see it looks so Victorian men's suit and female's gown train merged. but turned out so bad, banglay 'choriye felechhe'