Thursday, February 24, 2011

MAC Clear Lipglass: Review and Photos

I have a thing for glossy lips and I wanted to buy a clear gloss that can be worn over any color to give that gorgeous finish! So I bought the MAC Clear Lipglass lipgloss.

Product Description
"A unique lip gloss that can create a high gloss, glass-like finish or a subtle sheen. Designed to be worn on its own, over Lip Pencil or Lipstick, Clear Lipglass is the perfect product for creating shine that lasts. Clear

Lipglass can be mixed with other products, like Pigments, and can be applied anywhere on the body except for the eye area to create interesting effects."

How to use it
Use it with a lip brush (does not come along with the gloss) or apply directly (like a lip balm) over lip pencil or lipstick.

Price: $ 17.5 for 15 ml / 0.5 US oz in US
What I like about MAC Clear Lipglass
  • It does exactly as it claims: Creates a ravishing glass-like finish that would stay unless you eat too much.
  • It contains Jojoba Oil to help soften and condition the lips. I did feel it!
  • You only need a tiny bead of this highly concentrated product to cover the entire lip area and one tube can last for a very very long time. 
  • Fragrance free! Yes I like this aspect..I am not a fan of fruity lip balms/ glosses but I can live with them. But this is what I prefer.
What I don't quite like about MAC Clear Lipglass
  • It's thick and sticky. You can't kiss with with the gloss on :( But I am still okay with it since it stays long probably because of this!
  • I find it a bit difficult to apply directly like a balm, generally too much of it comes out. I wish it came with a applicator.
  • The tube leaked a bit. I thought it was my bad luck. But later I read some reviews on the net and it is a common problem.
I initially bought it with the thought of wearing it everyday. However, the inconvenience to apply it and the stickiness did not allow that. But I love finish and the shine that it gives to my lips and use it for special occasions. The product is worth a try and its perfect for professional use!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What does MAC stand for?

Oh yes, I know that MAC stands for 'Makeup Art Cosmetics'.

But what does it stand for you?

Yes I love acronyms! I love saying what I feel for the word through the word itself! Like, see what I feel about Tanishq here.

So MAC for me stands for  'Most Adorable Cosmetics'!

And this is a little cheesy but when I was in college, all I knew was that MAC was a super expensive brand of cosmetics. So at that point of time, for me it stood for

'Make-up for the Affluent and Classy'

So tell me what it stands for you.. I'm sorry I don't have a giveaway for this, but I wanna know what you feel!
Drop in your thoughts in the comment box. If you can find words for just 2 out of the 3 letters, I would love to hear that too! May be I could help you complete it..

**Picture from Google Images

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beach Vacation: What to Pack?

A friend of mine is planning for a beach vacation and she asked me to do a post on 'What to pack when you're heading towards the shack'. I loved the idea! I have been on quite a few beach vacations myself and every time there have been instances when I saw something beautiful and said 'Oh I wish I had this too!'. This post is a compilation of my wishes and experiences. Ofcourse I have taken some tutorials from the net too.

Swim Suit
Of course you can't forget this!!  

Beach Hats
I think these are both fashionable as well as necessary. You can't carry an umbrella on the beach. So this is the best alternative! Besides turning the sun away, they can turn heads too! Here are some pretty ones.

These are all available at for $25-40.

My friend is planning to buy the 'Wide Brim Sun Hat' from Coolibar!

If you think these are a bit expensive for a one-time wear, there are other options. Every beach has shops selling hats. Most of them are simple straw hats and would be available in the range of Rs 200-400 ($4-8). That's what I picked in my first beach trip :). You can get a simple local straw hat like this.

I have always adored the idea of sarongs! This is one of those 'Wish I had it' things! They are available in many colors and patterns and can make you look super-hot! Here are the 3 basic ways to wear a sarong. Of course you can get unleash your creativity as well! I like the skirt style in the centre.

And I also got this from the net, in case you need some help in how tie one and look sexy!

Beach Shorts
These are also available in multiple prints, colors and patterns. I like the low rise, bright floral prints the most.

Beach Jewelery
The beach look cannot be complete without some nice beach inspired jewelery.
1.Necklace made from objects found on the beach
2. Natural handmade pebble necklace. Hand made in Ireland, the necklace is said to feel amazing against the skin as the stones warm up
3. Hand made recycled jewellery made in Cornwall from beach collected plastic bottles
4. Necklace beads with shell

Sheer Shirt
Its not really a 'must carry' item, but I like wearing one over the swimsuit while taking a walk on the beach. It offers some sort of a protection against the sun, plus looks pretty cool.

I don't think I need to write anything about these! Just take the big ones, will give you maximum coverage and attention.

Now this is something that every article suggests. But no matter how strong a sunscreen I have used, I have always been tanned very badly. I am not sure but some people say its the salty sea water rather than the sun that causes tanning. Nevertheless you have to use one when you plunge into the sea.

My Experience: Take a waterproof sunscreen/ sunblock lotion with a strong SPF (atleast 30-40) but don't take a very oily one. All your photos will be spoilt. I had used 'VLCC Sunblock Lotion (SPF 30)' and it was very very oily. Gel based suncreens are very light but they are not too strong. I use 'Lotus Safe Sun' with SPF 20 and it is nice in terms of the feel on the skin.

 In fact if someone knows of a post comparing sunscreen/ sunblock lotions, please send me the link. I have heard very good reviews about 'Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 55'. I will try it the next time.

`So do you want to just pack and catch the next flight to Goa or Andaman? I do..`

These are the things that I have been able to think of. Why don't you share your experiences too..

And unfortunately if it's office where you have to go to tomorrow, you could see my post here about how to spice up your work wardrobe!

** Pictures from Google Images

Saturday, February 19, 2011

For the Love of Colors, Accessories from Street Shopping!

I have already expressed my love for the Gariahat street shops in my earlier blog Street Shopping, There's Nothing that You Can't Find!! But I put up pictures of only fake stuff there. This time I'm gonna tell you about the things that you can't miss buying!

Pretty Pearls
I am giving away my fashion secret here I must say! These pearls come in innumerable colors and I have bought most of them. They look absolutely classy and gorgeous!

Junk Jewellery but Contemperorary Designs!

Bundle of Bangles
You get bangles with all types of finish.

Bangles wrapped in Satin Threads
The Conventional 'Shiny' Bangles
Wooden Bangles

Bay of Bindis
Round, Square, Oval, Kundan..They have everything.
In fact they have one with my name as well :)

So if you ever visit Kolkata, you must go to Gariahat at least once! The hustle bustle will win your heart!

Street Shopping, There's Nothing that You Can't Find!!

I am in Kolkata for a week and during each visit to the 'City of Joy', I make it a point to check out what's new at my favorite street shopping venue: Gariahat!! My busy schedule in Delhi doesn't allow me to go anywhere beyond the malls. But I still love street shopping, and here is my chance!

I love shopping and window shopping here. The place is so crowded, yet so refreshing with the colorful ambiance. And it's probably the only shopping street in metropolitan cities where you can still find some stuff for Rs 2!! (bindis for example!). Inflation hasn't quite caught here perhaps! And there's nothing you can't find here - clothes, chappal, accessories, make-up, fake make-up, watches, sunglasses.. and the list goes on!

I love looking at all of them, but when it comes to buying I stick to accessories! They have an amazing stock - bangles, dangles, pearls and what not. In the past I have got some chappals as well. But make-up, NEVER! Don't even think about it! They have some street shops selling lots of fake stuff. You got to be careful about these..(The proper shops sell genuine stuff).

So what's the latest in my favorite shopping street?

Fake Elle 18 has been replaced by fake MAC on the nail-polish trays

Fake Revlon/ MAC Cosmetics Galore!

Everyone can get a 'Rayban' for Rs 100!

'Puma' Chappals for Rs 100!

'Designer' Watches

These were what 'I would not buy' from Gariahat street shopping (except for 'Puma' chappals, which are quite harmless :)). I did not want this post to be too long, so I am writing about stuff that I love buying from here in my next post 'For the Love of Colors, Accessories from Street Shopping'.


Shoppers Stop Sale 2011: Shoes & Bags Deals!

Weekend's here! Sale's here! Time to shop!!

As promised I am here with my take on the Shoppers Stop Shoes and Bags deals in their End of Season Sale 2011. And this time I have a few pics, not great ones though. Am I a bargain addict? Kind of yes, but my credit card bills speak otherwise :)

I have already talked about the make up deals here. This is what they have in the shoes and bags section for the 'sale-aholics' :)

Catwalk: Selected stuff at Rs 599. Not much variety
Enroute: 51% off on most! This was good, worth looking at!
Charles & Keith: 30% off on all. Not bad!
Inc. 5, Lemon, Haute Curry: Lots of stuff at Rs 499-699.
Not the greatest designs on sale, but you could like something cos there are a lot of them!


Lemon/ Haute Curry

Inc. 5

Esbeda: 30% off on some bags
Rocky S: 20% off on most. Some have 30% off. And some have 50% off too!! 
               The Rocky S lovers must check it out!
Charles & Keith: Flat 25%, Not Bad!!
Blue & Blues: 10% off
Hidesign: None :(
Guess: None again!

They had some discounts on clutches as well.
Rocky S: Rs 1565 1278

Rocky S: Rs 1995 1600

Friday, February 18, 2011

Clinique High Impact Lipstick in 'Go Fig': Swatches, Review, Photos

I was desperately looking for a long lasting lipstick and a lot of people suggested Clinique. Clinique has 6 ranges of lip color/ lipstick. ‘High Impact Lip Color’ and ‘Long Last Lipstick’ are the ones which last for a good amount of time. I was looking for a brown and a pink. 
I picked ‘Go Fig’ from the ‘High Impact Lip Color’ range.

To know what I like and dislike about 'Go Fig', click here. This is my first guest blog and I wrote it for Peaches&Blush. Tell me how you like it.

MAC Satin Amorous Lipstick: Swatches, Review and Photos

This is my first ever make-up review. So, why not start with  the 'Most Adorable Cosmetics' brand (my expansion for MAC)!! And, I must say it is one hell of a task to get that perfect swatch. I kept on posing my patched hand in different corners of my house to get the right amount of light for a picture that would exactly match the color of the lipstick. I won't say I was 100% satisfied. But here's what I got.

The Range: MAC Lipstick (Yes, the name's that simple)
The Shade: Amorous (A50)
The Color: Pink with a slight Mauvish Tone
The Finish: Satin
The Price: $ 14.5 in US/ Rs 990 in India

What I Like about Amorous

The Color: I am crazy about pinks! This one has a slight mauvish tone, but still quite subtle and good for everyday wear. Goes well with all colors except red and brown. I wish I could get a clearer picture.

The Texture: It is quite creamy and keeps the lips moisturized. Can't categorize it under the 'super creamy' range though.

The Finish: It has a satin finish. So it gives that light shine, perfect for everyday look. And once in a while I team it up with a gloss (I will review in in my upcoming posts) to give that bright look!

What I don't quite Like about Amorous

I wish it stayed a little longer. If I don't eat, it stays for about 2-3 hours. If I eat with it, it almost goes away with the food, leaving only a tinge of color on the lips.

Will I Buy it Again? Yes, because of the texture and color. But if I find something longer lasting, I would probably switch!

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

So tell me what you think!!

You may also like to read my reviews of
Clinique High Impact,
Go Fig and MAC Clear Gloss.

Cricket Captains in Cycle Rickshaws!

ICC World Cup 2011 has begun! The captains of the 14 competing teams paraded through Dhaka's historic Bangabandhu Stadium in colourfully draped rickshaws in the opening ceremony held last night. Here is our beloved captain MSD.

I know this does not exactly match my blog theme, but since I have only one page in the world wide web where I can voice my opinion, I couldn't help writing about my thoughts.

I kept wondering, why cycle rickshaws of all things?? I mean at one end there is a performance by Bryan Adams, and then glorification of the means of transport of a poor country on the other! I know this is the chance  for Bangladesh to rebrand itself. And I think its a great opportunity. But a rickshaw does not exactly represent development. I know they wanted to give the event a 'local' feel. But wouldn't something like a horse cart may be better?

** Picture from Google Images

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shoppers Stop Sale 2011: Make-up Deals!

The Shoppers Stop End of Season Sale started this weekend on 12th February and will be on till 6th March 2011. They claim an 'upto 51% off'. In this post, I will be talking about the make up deals they have. In my upcoming blogs I would talk about deals in bags, shoes and other things.

 I surveyed most of the cosmetics brands in Shopper's stop about the deals they offered. I know make-up blogs are boring without pictures. But since photography was prohibited inside the store, I had no choice. Not that I follow all the rules. But my phone camera has the flash and capture sound permanently activated. So, couldn't help it. This post is more informative than interesting. I could almost paste an excel sheet here, but don't worry I wont :). So here we go..

Chambor: I love their eye colour and had to buy a purple pencil. So I headed to their counter straightaway. Unfortunately they didn't have it in stock. But here's what they had:

  • Buy for 1500, Get a make up pouch free. (But the pouch was plain white in color, not very appealing).
  • Buy for 1200, Get an eye pencil free. (Basic pencil, not water/ smudge proof)

Revlon: They had a range of gifts to offer for various purchase amounts. Again, I wish I could put pics but alas!

  • Spend 850, Get a gift set of 2 candles
  • Spend Rs 1000, Get a make up bag. (This was better than that of Chambor's).
  • Spend Rs 2000, Get a watch
  • Spend Rs 3000, Get a trousseau box

The saleswoman was actually willing to give me a deal even if I did not cross Rs 850!
They had a purple but was lighter in shade shown in the picture below.


  • Buy for 600, Get 100 off.
  • Buy for 1000, Get 200 off. Pretty cool.

Loreal: 15% off on purchases above Rs 600. Not Bad!

Lakme: No special offer :(

Kaya: Free sunscreen on a purchase of Rs 1500 or above

Yves Saint Laurent: Buy any two products, get a gloss worth Rs 1570 free. They have 7-8 colors to chose from. Not bad!!

Elizabeth Arden: I am not a 100% sure on this one. What I can remember is that on every product they offered some beauty treatment like a facial etc.

So, why wait? It's definitely worth taking a look at!

Revealing Rihanna at the 53rd Grammy Awards 2011

This is what the singer wore at the 2011 Grammy Awards held at Staples Center in Los Angeles on 13th Feb 2011. This 'little left to imagination dress' is by Jean Paul Gautlier.

Bold, I must say. But she carried it off well with great confidence! What is more interesting is that this same dress was originally sported by MALE model Andrej Pejic last month!! Have a look.

Yes, I couldn't believe it was a male!! Pejic is a 20 year old Serbian Australian male model, known for his long hair and androgynous look. 
You can read more about him at
** All pictures from Google Images

Monday, February 14, 2011

TANISHQ is a Brand with a 'Terribly Annoying N Intolerably Sluggish Hospitality Quotient'

In short, they have a pathetic customer service. And I went through the tedious effort to find an apt phrase matching every letter in the name just to show my extreme disappointment!

Back in 2008, I had once visited the South Extension store in Delhi to shop for my wedding jewelery. I think it was a weekend and the shop was very very crowded. We were told that someone would attend us soon and were kept waiting for almost 25 min. No one bothered to even offer us a seat. I understand that the shop was crowded, but being a weekend in the pre-wedding season, they should have arranged for staff accordingly. Absolutely disgusted, we came out of the store and pledged to never go back again.

Unfortunately, I broke that promise and went to one of their stores in Gariahat, Kolkata today. This time something was different, the shop was empty! But what had not changed was the poor customer service and the lazy and disinterested staff. The guy who attended us simply took out the tray and kept himself busy with the phone. When asked about the price range, he acted as if he was being asked to do something beyond his job.

On our way out, I stopped to see some other stuff. The staff right at the next table, a gang of TV addicted ladies discussing the upcoming episode of 'Balika Vadhu' did not even move! I guess they would get up and attend the customers only during the 'Break' in their intellectual discussion.

I am very disappointed with the brand and will definitely never go there again! 

Where to Shop in New York!

It's not like I don't enjoy shopping here in India, but shopping in New York City is a different experience altogether. Be it electronics or clothing or make up, they are all much cheaper there, not to forget the variety that you get. This is where a shopaholic can attain nirvana! In fact when I went there for the first time, I had shopped so much that I had to slide in some stuff in my colleague's luggage :) They still laugh at me for this!!

The city has so much in it that you cannot get bored even if you're all by yourself. And when it comes to my shopping, it usually has a lot of shop hopping :) So I prefer going alone and indulge myself in the world of fashion, makeup and trends!

So what are my favorite shopping hangouts there? This is going to be a slightly long post. So I will break it into may be 2-3 posts. My favorites are:

***Forever 21 and H&M***

Forever 21: I have already talked about my love for this store in my earlier blog: Forever 21 is a Favourite Forever. I had also promised some more snaps. Here they are.

  • The style is dominated by teenage and casual, but there is something for everyone. You cannot come out empty handed.
  • Reasonably priced. You will get lots of cool, trendy, sexy stuff in even $15-$20.
  • Fabric Quality: Not all of them are amazing. In fact some of them even remind you of Sarojini Nagar and Janpath of Delhi or Gariahat of Kolkata! But lasts long. I still have stuff purchased in 2007 in good shape. Of course, it tells a lot about how well I take care of my clothes :)
  • It feels as if everything they have, has been tailor-made for you! The clothes fit perfectly.
  • It's a complete store for women. They have everything - apparel, accessories, shoes, lingerie and even cosmetics!!

H&M: I have been familiar with this brand for a long time. Back in my hostel days, I stayed in a PG and my roommate worked with H&M. Lucky she was, used to come home everyday with a 'damaged' piece. But I always thought they were all perfect. Infact she got a couple of them for me as well!!

H&M makes a lot of their stuff in India, but unfortunately they do not sell here! In fact sometimes it really pains to pay for 'Made in India' goods in dollars :(

Like Forever 21, H&M also have HUGE multistoreyed stores.

  • They have a good mix of trendy as well as classy staff.
  • Fabric wise, they are slightly better than Forever 21 I would say. But they are a bit more expensive too, still very affordable.
  • I loved the collection of jackets and coats they have.
  • You can find both office as well as casual wear. I loved some formal skirts that they had!
  • Like Forever 21, they also have their own range of cosmetics. And they are pretty nice!
Well, this has been a long post I must say! In my next article I would talk about my favorite department stores in NYC. Any guesses??

*All Pictures from Google Images

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Play for Her from Givenchy: Worth Playing With!

Timberlake and Noot Sear
 Play for Her is the latest fragrance for women from Givenchy in India. This is the feminine counterpart of the famous Play for Him launched in 2008 by Justine Timberlake. He was back in 2010 to front the feminine version!

The fragrance comes in two editions:
Pink Play for Her: The lighter version
Purple Play Intense for Her: The bolder version

         Play                             Play Intense

What I really like about 'Play': The Package!!! It is quite a looker!
  • The package comes in the shape of an I Pod: Very innovative and interesting. It even has the 'Play' sign on it along with 'Rewind' and 'Fast forward'.
  • The sassy pink and the silver lining makes it very feminine.
  • It is very very sleek and can easily be slided into even a small bag.
  • Comes in 3 sizes: 30 ml (1 Oz.), 50 ml (1.7 Oz.) and 75 ml (2.5 Oz.)

About the 'Fragrance': These are the key 'ingredients' (Clockwise from Top Left)

Amber             Sandalwood          Tiara Flower         Red Peppercorn

  • 'Play' is floral, woody and fruity! It is subtle, yet sexy and seductive. It lasts for quite a long time.
  • 'Play Intense' on the other hand is a combination of  floral, woody and amber tones. It is a bold and strong fragrance. In fact I felt that the spicy tone was a bit too strong.
 Availability and Price: The fragrance is available in leading stores like 'Shoppers Stop'.
  • Play: Rs 4650 for 75 ml ( $81 at Sephora), 3900 for 50 ml ( $69 at Sephora)
  • Play Intense: Rs 5050 for 75 ml ( $85 at Sephora), 4200 for 50 ml ( $73 at Sephora)
 Overall Verdict: This new fragrance is gorgeous. You must try it.

 My Favorite between the two : Sassy Pink 'Play'!
It is definitely more feminine and gorgeous in terms of both the look and fragrance.

** All pictures from Google Images

Friday, February 11, 2011

My First 10 Days of Blogging have been like those Early Days of Romance!

I have completed 10 days as a blogger and I am enjoying every bit of it! Honestly, I started this blog very impulsively and did not expect to have posted 9 articles in 10 days! With the stock markets crashing, I did not have much to do in my free time. I have already watched most of those movies that they show on TV. I don't have the patience to read through the pile of magazines building up at my husband's behest. So I diverted all my energy and enthusiasm to this blog..and now I am addicted to it!!

I keep thinking about what I would write about tomorrow, the catchy title that I would put up to get more  hits on my blog. I dream that my blog has a thousand followers! This is like falling in love all over again when all you can think about is that one person.. I am almost obsessed! And it takes me back to those early days of my romance when I was nervous yet excited every time I would meet him! I get that same feeling when I check the 'Stats'  tab of my blog every morning :).

Though my theme is Fashion and Looking Good, there are so many things off my theme that I want to write about (beisdes the 20 titles pertaining to my theme that I have already noted down), like why 'Yeh Saali Zindagi' is a paisa wasool movie, and about that yummy cake that I bake and is loved by everyone, and Sonakshi's performance at the Filmfare was So Not Sexy!! I guess I would write an off theme blog once in a while.

Blog is defined as 'A frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts and Web links'. But I guess it soon translates from a publication to a passion for most of us very soon. We get so attached that some days we refresh the stats tab every hour and desperately wait for some nice comments! Well, atleast I do :) and I am already am..

Happy reading!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Romance by Ralph Lauren: The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift!

With Valentine's Day less than a week away, Romance by Ralph Lauren (for Women) is certainly a great choice for a romantic and sensual gift. The name says it all!

It's a blend of velvety woods, extravagant floral and seductive musk.
Picture from Google Images
This is the fragrance in a snapshot!

  • The EDT comes in a very simple package.
  • The scent is subtle, sensual and elegant.
  • Usually recemmended for evening wear, but I use it everyday.
  • The fragrance lasts for a fairly long time, almost all day I would say.

Size: Available in 1 Oz. (30 ml) 1.7 Oz. (50 ml) and 3.4 Oz. (100 ml). I have generally seen the 100 ml around.

Availability: Available in all leading stores like Shopper's Stop etc.

Price: 100 ml is available for Rs 5800 in Shopper's Stop. Yes, it's slightly expensive. But in the US Perfumania stores, you will get it for around
      $ 74 for 3.4 Oz.
      $ 58 for 1.7 Oz.
      $ 42 for 1Oz.

If you know someone visiting from there, get one soon!

Will I buy it again: Well, firstly I did not buy it, it was gifted :) and secondly, I would take a really long time to finish that 100 ml bottle. But I would definitely recommend it!

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

So girls, ask for 'Romance' this season, you will love it! 
Guys, gift her one, you will love it even more!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Colour of the Filmfare Awards 2011: BOLD BLUE!!

Blue is one of my favourite colours. Infact I have been thinking of writing about it in my 'Colour of the Season' article. However, when I watched the Filmfare Awards last night, I couldn't wait to complete that. Bold Blue was the colour of the Filmfare Awards 2011. Have a look..

Gauri Khan
Gauri Khan wore a nice one shoulder dress.
Rani Mukherjee
She is not one of my favourites. But the dress that she wore was graceful with a very nice fall.
Genelia D'souza and Neha Dhupia
        Genelia wore Versace gown while Neha Dhupia wore something that was not fitting her too well!

Anushka Sharma
This is not what I intended to put up. Actully I couldn't find a picture of hers in the pretty blue dress. So, I've put this up for the time being :) 

Arti Chhabria
I know, noone is really interested in looking at her. But it matched my theme! 
Sandeepa Dhar
I had to research a bit before I could put up this photo. Sandeepa Dhar starred in 'Isi Life Mein', a movie that just came and went last Decemeber. But I still put her up here as the gown is gorgeous unlike that movie! 

* All pictures from Google Images