Thursday, July 7, 2011

Shopping Options at the Delhi Airport

The first time I had to catch a flight from T3, Delhi Airport, I actually didn't feel the pinch of my flight getting delayed! In fact I was kind of 'loving it', because the place was a shopper's paradise! Gadgets, clothes, accessories, perfumes or even chocolates, you can find everything there. You can't always have enough time to shop till you drop but you do have enough to shop till you get your boarding call, and there are convenient trolleys in which you can go on dumping your stuff without really having to carry so much!

I wanted to do this post the when I went to Mumbai in February, but somehow lost the pictures! Here are the latest ones, while some are well-stocked while others, merely a waste of time. Read on..

Marks & Spencers
This store is actually bigger and better stocked than some of those in the malls!

Dazzling Swarovski

WHSmith: The Complete Solution to Your Groceries Needs and More! 

Accessorize: Pretty Well Stocked

I was really excited to see a Mango store in the middle of the airport and that too with a sale board! But it's rather poorly stocked and it is unlikely that you will find anything even at full price!

The Body Shop: Well Stocked!

Parcos: The Perfume Shop
This is really one of my favorite stores out there. They have a good stock at reasonable prices. They are also quite upto date! You must visit this one!

Boggi Milano: I didn't enter here :(

Reebok: Perpetually on Sale but Nothing Fancy

Eyewear and Watches

Besides these there are many other stores like

  • Odyssey
  • William Penn
  • Croma

So which is your favorite shopping destination at T3?


Artist by Design said...

OMG! That looks absolutely amazing!! I just went to India in 2009 but its developed so much!

Cant wait to visit again!!!

Ankita said...

The New terminal of the Delhi airport is absolutely stunning!!! When will something similar happen to the Calcutta airport :( ?!

Hungover on Fashion said...

@AbD: Well 2009 ws 2 years back...Things have changed!!

@Ankita: I am waiting too :)

Aarthi said...

Nice and informative :)