Sunday, April 22, 2012

'Vicky Donor' is an Entertaining as well as Emotional Film

When I booked my tickets for 'Vicky Donor', I thought it would be an out and out laughter riot. While the movie does have a lot of laughter but the heart of the film according to me is the love story between Vicky and Ashima. I don't think I need to talk much about the plot.. Vicky is currently unemployed, the house being run with the income from his widowed mother's beauty parlour and he is the apple of his 'dadi's eyes :). He is also a very 'typical' Punjabi and finds love in Ashima, a sensible, pretty girl working in a bank. And of course he is also a sperm donor (about which noone but Dr. Chadhdha, the associated doctor and clinic owner knows).

While watching the movie, I actually felt I was standing in the middle of one of the Lajpat Nagar refugee colonies and hearing the residents talk. The language, the (loud) actions, everything was so real :). The dadi who always took Vicky's side against his mom actually shared a great bond with his daughter-in-law, which was further strengthened over drinks! And even more real was the reactions the respective families showed on coming to know that Vicky was dating a independent, fish eating Bengali girl and Ashima was in love with a loud, not so well spoken business class Punjabi boy! This is where I probably felt a special connection.. I am a Bengali girl but no, I did not marry a Punjabi boy, but the reactions of my parents would have been ditto if I had to :). I must say I was frowning a bit while they indulged in some bong bashing, but then I realized most of the things were factually correct if not politically correct ;). They brought out the typical characteristics of both the communities but eventually mingled very well and embraced each other's culture.

And a Bollywood movie with a couple of Bengali dialogues and a glimpse of Kolkata makes me like it even more! Actually a film based in Delhi, with a bong character and references to CR Park, showing a bit of Kolkata is probably my favorite combination, and Vicky Doner scores with flying colors in this regard! (Though I kept wondering why they always show the Howrah Bridge even when people reach their by planes, it's the entry point only when you come to the city by a train.. But that is hardly a relevant point).

Not all is rosy forever and the film takes a rather unexpected dramatic turn after the interval and they address the issue of donating sperms being something looked down upon. I would rather want you to see it. I was seeing most of the actors for the first time, but the cast was perfect! Everyone as so naturally into the character. Overall it's a nice, light movie with a sensitive theme. I would definitely recommend it!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

ALDO: A Must Visit for Boots during this Sale Season

That is the rush outside ALDO, and it is definitely not without a reason. ALDO has a pretty huge collection of boots and the sale is the perfect time to collect one of those.

When I visited NYC last year, I had seen some great knee-high boots for $30-$50. But I did not pick any thinking, knee-high boots will be a little too much for Delhi, it does not get cold enough! And trust me, this has been my biggest 'fashion' regret for 2011 :( Delhi is swarming with boots of all kinds and heights, and if you are looking for one then ALDO (Select City, Promenade) is definitely a store that you should visit.

As I already mentioned, they have boots of all types - knee high, ankle high, mid calf, flat boots and so on. They also have a huge range of prices. I saw boots from Rs 3600 to Rs 8000 (post-sale prices). There were probably some in the higher range too! But Rs 3600 - Rs 4200 may not be that bad a price for ALDO boots and you will get a few choices there. Just pray that they have your size too.

Here are some boots you could find there. I ain't sure of the exact design, but you will definitely see some similar and interesting boots. Was unable to take pictures :(
Hurry up, ALDO is offering upto 70% off now!!

And there are plenty of sandals, shoes as well..

Images from ALDO website

Friday, December 2, 2011

Movie Review: 'Dirty Picture' is not as Sizzling as it Looks!

I actually bunked office with some lame excuse to catch the first day first show of this movie, but the risk was not worth taking! The movie says that there are three things which are required to make a hit movie - entertainment, entertainment and entertainment! But all the director offers in the name of entertainment is a not so soothing display of Vidya Balan's fat!

I aint writing much about this. The movie is very haphazard without any story line, you keep wondering whats really happening and why it is happening. We were expecting to see Silk Smitha's biography (a South Indian item girl who was a rage in the 80's) but the effort on research was minimal. The movie has some 'filmy' dialogues but I have to admit that it has some funny ones too :). I like the one where they say that there's a woman made for every man, and if you can escape her then your life is saved! There are a few cheezy but interesting ones too. Those are the few elements that make the movie interesting in parts.

The film that was supposed be hard-hitting hardly hits your heart or mind.. It does pain the eye! Vidya Balan has shown some scary flabs in the weirdest clothes. Yes, she has done a rather bold role, but even that bold performance could not bring enough substance to the movie. I also agree that the character she was depicting wasn't exactly slim, but I wish they focused a little more on the story and research rather than her bosom and belly. At times the story reminded me of 'Fashion' - struggle, fame and fall.

None of the actor deserves a special mention except Vidya because none of the others has any strong define. Naseeruddin Shah plays a south- Indian superstar who manages to woo the audience with his performance as a college boy even at the age of 50, and who is also known for giving 'career breaks' to many young girls. I kept wondering why he had to take up that role at all (but I bet he had some fun too ;))! And the most pleasant lover of hers - Emraan Hashmi got the least screen time (but they managed to kiss).

I expected something better and was thoroughly disappointed! My rating is 1.5 + 0.5 for Vidya's courage i.e. 2 on 5 and my advise is - I know there are some movies that we just want to watch at any cost and this is one of them. But if you can then stay away from this one! It's not really as sizzling as dirty as it looks like!

In case you're wondering what Silk Smitha looked like, here's a picture from Google. But please do notice that she had toned abs!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Top 3 Budget Long Lasting Lip Colors (under Rs 500): Review, Photos, Swatches

Yes, I am obsessed with 'long-lasting' things :) including in makeup. So here are my picks for the best 3 long lasting lip-colors around Rs 500 ($12).

Pick 1 - Colorbar Extra Durable Lip Color
I have reviewed this in detail here. Here are some excerpts. The shade here is 'Candid'.

Product Details
Range of Colors: There are 15 colors available. Mostly nudes and subtle shades and there is one bright pink.

Price: Rs 450 when I bought, but 500 now :(
Quantity: 4.5 ml X 2
With Gloss: Yes
With Applicator: Yes

The Texture: When you apply the color alone, it dries up within a minute. But once you apply the gloss, you would not feel any dryness at all. Infact feels quite creamy and moisturizing.

The Pigmentation: Quite good.

The Finish: Since it has gloss, so it gives a nice shiny and glossy finish to the lips with a little bit of shimmer.

The Staying Power: Yes, it does stay upto 10 hours. In fact in a couple of instances when I did not have anything, it stayed for even a longer time till I removed it. The gloss would wear off first, but the color stays on for a long long time.
Watch Out
After long hours, my lips start flaking and layers of color start coming off. This is after over 8 hours though, but is a bit of a problem.
Also shades are subtle colors, tough to find a bright one.

Pick 2 - Chambor Flowing Lipstick (Stay on Color with Shea Butter)
(The shade here is Innocent Rose)

Product Details
Range of Colors: A wide variety of gorgeous colors
Price: Rs 550
Quantity: 4 ml
With Gloss: No
With Applicator: Comes with a twisted brush (See pictures below)

 The Texture: Soft, Creamy yet light on the lips

The Pigmentation: Very Good

The Finish: Since it does not come with a gloss, the finish is creamy and gives a matte look. You can always team it up with a gloss if you wish! I have a bright pink shade. It has a very subtle shimmer too.

The Staying Power: Excellent! Definitely lasts for over 7 hours

Watch Out
It tends to dry the lips without the gloss.

Pick 3 - Maybelline Super Stay Gloss
This was my first experiment with long lasting colors, and it was perfect. Maybelline is my favorite drug store brand since it gives you good quality products in reasonable prices. This lip color delivered what it promised - stayed for super long! I went for a second and then the third one, but that unfortunately had some leakage issues. The replacement that I got from Shoppers Stop also had leakage issues. And I have stayed away from it since then. But I won't mind trying it out once again.

They have a nice range of colors available including pink, nudes etc. Last I checked they were phasing this out and planning to introduce a 24 hr stay lip color. I somehow thought 12 hr was enough :)

Product Details
Range of Colors: There are some nice and bright colors available
Price: Rs 380
Quantity: 4.5 ml each
With Gloss: Yes
With Applicator: Yes

 The Texture: Soft, and Creamy but gets a little sticky if you apply too much. You are supposed to apply the  gloss after the color dries up. Only that wait is a bit drying.

The Pigmentation: Very Good

The Finish: Glossy. Makes the lips look fuller.

The Staying Power: Excellent! It usually does not go until you remove it with a cleanser.

Watch Out
None, except the leakage thing mentioned above. It is great value for money.

And finally the swatches for Colorbar Candid, Chambor Innocent Rose ans Maybelline

Which is your favorite long lasting lip color, tell us about it!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

India Resort Fashion Week 2011: Press Release

India Resort Fashion Week
Powered by Provogue

World Celebrates Fashion in Goa this December!

Mumbai, 15th November, 2011: INK Infrastructure in association with YUVA and powered by Provogue brings to you the first ever unprecedented fashion week created solely to celebrate resort wear in India. An initiative to promote Indian resort fashion and world over, India Resort Fashion Week 2011 (IRFW) will be held at the Grand Hyatt, Goa from the 7th – 10th December, 2011, showcasing the finest works of the country’s most coveted resort wear designers.

Resort wear today has gone beyond just beach wear. It has emerged as the retail industry’s multi -seasonal money spinner, as resort wear is essentially year round fashion. World over resort wear has been recognized already as an independent season and the international resort wear industry is growing exponentially. India is still to fully explore and understand the growing importance of cruise collection; IRFW 2011 has been conceptualised to cater to this burgeoning resort wear industry. With an eclectic mix of renowned designers and emerging talent IRFW 2011 is pegged as the most anticipated fashion week in the country.
A must attend for all fashion enthusiast, IRFW 2011 is committed to showcasing exquisite designs in swim, resort and luxury lounge wear for women and men. Spread over four days, IRFW will celebrate the creations of designers synonymous with resort wear such as  Shantanu and Nikhil, James Ferreira, Shivan and Narresh, Pria Kataria Puri, Narendra Kumar and Anupamaa Dayal to name a few.  The final day of IRFW the shows will be held at Marbela Beach, Morjim; with a ramp on the beach, the ocean as the backdrop on the pristine sands of Goa, encapsulating the true essence of international resort.

Commenting on IRFW Shantanu Mehra says,Resort wear is an escalating segment in the Indian fashion industry and is already an extremely prominent segment abroad. It is just about the correct time for India to also have a fashion week which is devoted to resort wear. We have been creating active lounge wear dresses & gowns as part of our resort wear lines over the years and have now given it a unique brand identity independent of our couture brand. We are extremely happy to be a part of the inaugural IRFW.

IRFW, the unique concept is developed and promoted by Tanya Swetta, id8 Media Solutions, Nikhil Oza E-sense Entertainment and Pallav Kumar Ojha, UVAR Pvt ltd. IRFW is headed by Shalini Chuganee, COO who shares her views “Associating with IRFW is a co beneficial alliance with a brand building exercise at its optimum. The platform provides opportunities on a B2B, as well as B2C level,  resulting in a brand equity increase through strategic luxury market alliances.  Amalgamating the international standards of quality with the finest resort wear designer collections, IRFW is the official platform which will bring Indian resort wear onto the global fashion map."

Imtiaz Khatri, Owner Ink Infrastructure “As a title sponsor, I’m glad to announce our company – Imtiaz Khatri group’s association with IRFW 2011. It is an honour to be a part of this one of a kind fashion week, which is distinct from other shows in India. I am sure that it would help us to reach new heights.”

Sharing his views Nitesh Rane, Co- Founder and Chairman, YUVA saysWe are delighted to announce our magazine –YUVA’s, alliance with India Resort Fashion Week as an associate sponsor. It is a spectacular platform to showcase Indian fashion and encourage tourism at an international tourist destination like Goa."

Backed by Goa Tourism Development of India, IRFW is an endeavour to bring the right designers to the forefront in the resort fashion space. It is an opportunity to showcase their designs to prominent national as well as international buyers and interact with key players in the industry. This unprecedented concept keenly focuses on the business aspect of the fashion week and is aimed at increasing business conversions, putting the spotlight on resort wear in India. Held at the luxurious Grand Hyatt Goa and final day the Marbela beach, IRFW perpetuates the unique Goa experience with the ‘Shack Village’ – a showcase of collections comprising of resort wear and accessories.
Sharing his views designer Shivan Bhatiya from Shivan & Narresh says, “Designers who ardently create resort wear, many a times go unnoticed. India does not provide adequate impetus for this booming sector. IRFW provides numerous designers a platform to showcase their creativity. It helps them tap this profitable segment. I am excited to be a party of this distinct property”

This December celebrate the undying and sensuous style of resort wear with IRFW at the Grand Hyatt Goa. Brace yourself to witness a fashion extravaganza like no other, as stalwarts in the resort space present scintillating cruise collections in sun soaked hues.

For Press Information, please contact:

id8 media solutions

Shruti Kedia       +919930540781                    e!
Nandita Dalmia +91 9819635060                   e!

Designers with their models

James Ferreira & his model

Lubna Adam & Narendra Kumar

Shivan & Narresh with their model

Harmeet Bajaj

Babita Malkani & James Ferreira

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nose Pore Strips for Blackhead Removal, Do They Really Work?

Everyone wants to get rid of blackheads. There are a few options available but tweezer is undoubtedly the best way to do so.  But its not easy to use one and can be a bit painful too! Scrubs are usually useless. Nose pore strips instead are much more convenient and effective in removing blackheads. But before I used one I had several questions on my mind like

1. Will nose pore strips really work?
2. Will the glue harm my skin?
3. Will it be painful?
4 Will there be any side effects?
5. Will nose strips prevent future appearance of blackheads?

I have tried a couple of brands from New U. Though both were kinds of effective I prefer the second since they have white strips and I feel are partially better. It is also a better known and more popular brand.

1. Cool & Cool Charcoal Nose Strip (shown above) - Rs 59 for a strip
2. Beauty Formulas Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Strips (shown below) - Approx Rs 45 for a strip

So here are the answers to my questions.

1. Will nose pore strips really work?
It depends on your skin type, hair growth and also the brand that you choose. I am lucky to not have a serious blackheads problem and I was pretty pleased with the result. The satisfaction of seeing the unwanted hair on the strip is immense :). I think it definitely removed 80-90% of the blackheads and I could not see anything extra blackhead on my nose.
A couple of other friends have also tried this and this is what they feel. While a friend who had a pretty thick hair growth said, these pores removed 70-80% of the blackheads but she could still a few left!

2. Will the glue harm my skin?
Most of the glue usually comes off with your pull and if it does not, it is very easy to wash away. I searched on the internet and concluded that the glue does not do any harm to the skin. I am convinced since I have not faced any problems so far.

3. Will it be painful?
Absolutely not! The tweezers can be quite painful at times though!

4 Will there be any side effects?
I did have the thoughts that I might experience some itching/ burning sensation after use. But thankfully there was no side effect at all!

5. Will nose strips prevent future appearance of blackheads?
Nope, they do not prevent the future appearances. Home remedies can help in that regard.

What I like about nose strips for blackhead removal
1. Very convenient and painless to use, directions given very clearly on the pack
2. No affordability issues
3. I did not experience any side effects like itching/ burning etc.
4. It is quite effective!

Have you used one? Share your experience!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Movie Review: 'Rockstar' Rocks - Romantic, Intense but not Melodramatic!

When I had seen trailers of 'Rockstar' I had thought the movie was about a rebellious singer who was first a victim of and then voice against violence in Kashmir! Pardon my ignorance, but there is a special thrill about watching a movie without even knowing the plot!

Rockstar is not about any political issue (despite the repeated appearance of cops, crowds and Kashmir in the trailers), it is an intense story about feelings, destiny, and a bit of struggle between rightdoing and wrongdoing! And it is also about how these feelings and destiny transform Janardan Jakra (JJ), a simple boy aspiring to be a singer, to Jordan, a world-famous rockstar with a streaks of anger. Yes, you may wonder how it all happened that fast, but you will still end up believing it in parts. JJ (Ranbir), a middle-class and simple Hindu college student is told that one cannot become a singer unless he experiences pain! He tries to befriend Heer (Nargis), a rich, classy and talented Stephenian hoping she will reject him and he will go through the pain of refusal. Heer instead turns out to be a bold and fun-seeking girl who has a list of things that she wants to do before she gets married in two months! The two become friends and JJ helps her in accomplishing her entire things to do list. Heer then gets married and moves to Prague. The rest of the movie is to be guessed or watched and don't worry you do get to see more of the pretty Nargis.

If you like love, rebelliousness, and breaking a few rules here and there and you will like this movie. The opening scene where the uncommitted, angry Jordan overcomes a fight and then reaches his concert with thousands of fans waving and roaring at him was impressive. He did not care about fame or money, he sang because he liked singing. The movie is fast-paced with some humour and fun here and there. You don't even get to know how time flies till the interval. Post interval the movie becomes intense and portrays how love on one hand can cure you and on the other hand can give you immense pain that that can completely change you as a person. It also portrays how feelings and emotions do not quite follow conventions. The best part of the whole plot has been treated with maturity and not melodrama. And it never really loses its pace. The cinematography is breathtaking while they fly you over the mountains of Kashmir, Prague buildings, and the places where Jordan goes for his concerts.

The movie belongs to Ranbir who gives yet another touching performance like ‘Wake Up Sid’. He really steals your heart. Nargis Fakri is very pretty and fresh but lacks the acting talent that the pivotal role demanded. She was pretty bad actually. But I am hoping she will improve with time. There were a few other bad actors too. The film gets haphazard and unreal in a few places, actually even jumps at times, but somehow the story track and intensity never lost and at the same time there are some light moments too. The casting and editing could be better in a few places, but it still leaves an impact on your mind. AR Rahman’s sound track impresses once again. Most of the tracks are in the background. In fact some of the songs were more meaningful and likeable when flowing with the movie rather than hearing them standalone on FM .

What a change from Ra.One! We finally see some serious cinema treated with maturity. Despite some bad acting and flaws in the flow of the story, this movie is definitely worth your time and money!

My Rating: 3.5/5