Sunday, June 26, 2011

The New Bug called 'Obsessive Sale Shopping Disorder'

A good friend of mine was in town from Pune. We planned catch up at the Select City Mall almost after a year! I left office early at 4, took the metro and reached the destination on time. She was already there waiting, we were thrilled meet after so long. While we were chatting and walking around the mall, both of us got our eyes stuck on the 'SALE posters on 'Mango'. We walked into the store as if that was the coffee shop we had always planned to go to. After hunting through the heaps of clothes and not really finding anything, both of us realized that we had actually met to chat and catch up and not shop! And having met after a while it was a better idea to bond with each other at a restaurant rather than a crowded store!

'Sale' is actually the sign most of us can't resist these days! Shops get crowded as if they were selling things for free and not just discounted prices! Remember the '2 hr 50% sale by Benetton', The AC does not seem to be cooling any longer because of the number of people, the billing line gets out of the store. What had shocked me even more was the looooong line of customers outside the 'Ed Hardy' store during sale. Believe me or not, they had bouncers to control the crowd! And there was a 'Waiting' before they would let you in. I wish I had taken some photographs.

Jack n Jones and Vera Moda Sale
And yesterday was a similar repeat when Jack n Jones and Vera Moda were on 60% sale. I knew it was next to impossible to actually be able to find some thing in such a crowded shop but I wanted to atleast check out if the line was longer from the last time or not :) For a change I had no intention to buy anything. And yes there was a line before you could get in. I reached the place at 9, so the 'waiting' was not too long, just around 5 min. But I heard that people had lined up outside even before the store opened at 9am. They had a lot of huge security guys/ crowd managers all equipped with walkie-talkies. Here are some images, but again since it was post 9pm, the length of the line was nowhere close to the crazy Ed Hardy sale.

When I managed to get in, all I saw were heaps of clothes lying on tables all around and people desperately trying to find something useful amongst them, a few pulling the two sleeves of the same top! The clothes didn't even look like they were new! 'Heaps' is the accepted form of display of items during sale these days, which is okay for street shopping but very un-appealing for high-end clothing. And there were so many guys in black with walkie-talkies that I felt I was probably at the US  President's office and not a shop!! Nevertheless people did manage pick their heaps from amongst those heaps! Lucky them. But I felt rather agoraphobic and moved out in 5 min!

SALE is a word that instantly attracts consumers and the marketing agents using it to their best benefit! The word almost drags you into the store. But are clothes truly sold at a discounted price in the name of sale? I have myself seen Reebok hiking their price and put a 50% off tag during sale. And I would assume Reebok is not the only one. Most of the times the stock is pretty old and no-one really know the original price. Whatever it is, we the consumers definitely go ballistic the moment we see the SALE sign! That is why I think this is the latest new-age lifestyle disorder: 'Obsessive Sale Shopping Disorder'!! Are you affected too?

Oh by the way, did any of you manage to get something at the Jack n Jones sale yesterday? Do share! I would love to know..

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer: Is it the Ultimate Solution for Dry, Chapped Lips?

I have been looking for solutions for two problems - Brittle nails and dry, chapped lips since time immemorial. While I have found some kind of a relief for the former in the Seacret nail care collection, I had hoped that I had found the answer for the latter through Neutrogena lip moisturizer. Here's more about the product and my experience and my review.

Product Details
Product Name: Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer
Sun Protection: SPF 15
Fragrance: No Fragrance :)
Color: No Color
Price: Rs 99 for 4gms (0.15 Oz.)

Product Description
'Lip Moisturizer softens, smoothes and protects dry, chapped lips with no waxy feel. This moisture-enriched formula soothes and conditions your lips, keeping them healthy looking and soft in all weather.

Contains a PABA-free SPF 15 sunblock for added protection from the sun's UV rays.
Use everyday to keep lips smooth and moisturized.
Formulated with only the purest of ingredients - so there's no color, no fragrance, no unnecessary additives.'

What is PABA?
'Para-Aminobenzoic Acid (PABA) was one of the earliest active ingredients used in sunscreen. While PABA is a powerful UVB absorber, it does not absorb UVA rays. PABA can also attach to skin proteins so it is not easily washed off while swimming. Since PABA needs to be mixed with alcohol for application formulas, it can sting when applied to skin. PABA can also stain clothing. Other disadvantages were allergic reactions, dermatitis, or perceived sensitivity to PABA.'

My Experience and Review
This was recommended to me by a friend who was very happy with the effect the product had on her. In general I trust Neutrogena products and hence decided to check this besides the numerous lipsticks and lip jelly's I have already tried. Moreover it was reasonably priced, so no worries.

May be I was expecting results too soon, but nothing really happened in the first 2 weeks. My lips continued to dry and flake. I had almost given up hope but then things started improving. My lips softened and it stopped flaking and drying too soon. And it's not like I had to re-apply every 5 min, but I did have to re-apply at regular intervals. The product started finally doing what it was supposed to do! I am reasonably pleased but not overwhelmed.

What I like about Neutogena Lip Moisturizer

  • No color, no fragrance
  • Very convenient to apply and carry, wouldn't melt in hot summers
  • Eventually did what it was supposed to do (after 2 weeks of use) - softened lips, prevented dryness and flakes
  • Has sun protection
  • Not heavy on the pocket

How Has Your Experience Been?
In general I have read good reviews about this product. I like this product too, but I am not convinced that this is the 'bestest lipbalm' as many claim. How have you liked it? Did it take 2 weeks to show its effect? And have you ever used any other lip balm which has had a faster and better effect?

While I will continue to use this product till I a better one, my search is not fully over. What will you recommend?

Sneak Peek into my Make Up Box..

Well, this one is purely for my love of photography again! The truth is that I actually have very little make up stuff. But I still haven't fully explored all of them.

This is a beauty box that a dear friend gifted. 
A palette of 20 common eye shadows, perfect for a beginner like me! 

The 'True' Colors!

My Lipstick Collection, 6 is all I have!
Used to be a 'Lip Gloss Girl', till about a year ago. But then moved to lip-sticks for the long stay effect..

 Lakme 9 to 5 Range..

The Nailpolish Train

Array of my Eye Pencils 

For the Face

Pretty much all that I have!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Wimbledon Party 2011: Tennis Stars Serving Fashion Aces

Tennis is no longer about whites only. The stars almost give as much to their outfits as to the game itself. And fashion was at its peak for these ace tennis players at the Pre-Wimbledon party on 16th June in London. Check these out. 

All of them are looking pretty! Shades of red and blacks seemed to dominate!

Maria Sharapova in Red
She looks absolutely stunning in this Red short dress.
Hit or Miss: Superhit 
Photos: Maria Sharapova at the 2011 WTA Tour Pre-Wimbledon Party

I absolutely adore her neckpiece.
Photos: Maria Sharapova at the 2011 WTA Tour Pre-Wimbledon Party

Serena Williams in Emerald Green
We all know about Serena's dedication to fashion. She has been a head-turner on the court both with her shots and skirts! But if you ask me honestly, though she is a great player, she sometimes does look weird and scary. But I like this dress, highlighting her voluptuous body.
Hit or Miss: ?? 

Serena Williams (Pic:Getty)

Caroline Wozniacki in a one-shouldered black dress
Wow is all I can say. Very pretty dress for the current world number 1 player.
Hit or Miss: Hit 

Caroline Wozniacki (Pic:Getty)

 Laura Robson in Black
The dress is elegant, classy and chic.
Hit or Miss: Hit 

Laura Robson (Pic:Getty)

Ana Ivanovic in Frilly Pink
Quite revealing but hot!
Hit or Miss: Superhot, oops Hit

Ana Ivanovic (Pic:Getty)

Jelena Jankovic in Peachy Red
The 2007 mixed doubles champion looks great in this off-shoulder dress.
Hit or Miss: Hit 

Jelena Jankovic (Pic:Getty)

Sabine Lisicki in Red 
Red was the hot color of the party it seems! I like the short and simple dress.
Hit or Miss: Hit 

Sabine Lisiki (Pic:Getty)

Sorana Cirstea in Black and White Strapless Dress
Another stunning piece!
Hit or Miss: Superhit 

Sorana Cirstea (Pic:Getty)

Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova in Black and White
I don't like what the Russian 14th seed is wearing a lot. It's a little too 'flare'y, the hair a bit funny. A body hugging dress would have suited her more I guess.
Hit or Miss: Miss :(

Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova (Pic:Getty)

Pictures from and other internet sources

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Maybelline Watershine Liquid Diamonds: Swatches, Review and Photos

Maybelline Liquid Diamonds holds a rather special place in my heart because this was my first ever lip gloss!! It was some 5 years back I guess, when I went for lip gloss shopping with a friend. I wanted something nice but reasonably priced and I bought the 'Crystal Amethyst' shade. Actually at that point of time, there were only 2 shades and today there are 15! So you can very well understand this range got very popular and very soon. I loved this gloss and bought it 4 times again! Today I will be talking about another shade though, 'Berry Stars'. Let's read more.

Product Details
Range: Maybelline Watershine Liquid Diamonds
Product Category: Lip Gloss
Shade: Berry Stars
Other Shades: 15 pretty and perky shades available.
Price: Rs 180

As per the Maybelline website these are the reasons Why You’ll Love It

  • Glosses to give you the voluptuous dazzling lips you’ve always wanted
  • Hi-shine liquid format for perfectly supple brilliantly shiny lips
  • Available in 15 glamorous shades

The Color
The color actually is nowhere really close to the color of a 'berry'. It's more of a pinkish peach. Though it is difficult to describe the shade, it's a pretty one!

The Finish
Though the word 'berry' in the name of this shade is rather irrelevant, 'stars' make sense because of the super-shiny and shimmery finish it gives to the lips. In fact I wouldn't really be exaggerating if I call it a 'starry' finish! Yeah, it shimmers a lot, so much that I was hesitant about wearing it to office initially! Now I don't care.

I think it's the most shimmery shade in the entire range.

The Texture and Pigmentation
It has got a nice and creamy, non-sticky texture, along with a mild but pleasant fragrance. It's neither too thick, not too thin. It moisturizes the lips but the moisture obviously disappears when the gloss disappears.
Pigmentation is good too.

The Stay Power
This is a gloss and that too a non-sticky one, hence the lasting power is barely 1-2 hours if you don't eat! I wish it stayed a little longer though.

Application Ease
It comes with an applicator and is very easy to apply. And since the texture is neither thick nor too thin, it is very 'user-friendly'.

Why I love it
Affordable, pretty shades, nice texture

This is a very affordable yet cheerful range of lip glosses. Priced at Rs 180 only, I think it gives great value for money. There is also a nice range of colors to chose from. So I would definitely recommend this range. However, about this particular shade, I like the base color a lot, the pinkish peach. only wish it had a little less shimmer. No complaints about 'Crystal Amethyst' though!

Overall Rating: 4/5

Here are some other colors. BTW, beware of the website, the actual colors look very very different from what you see in the catalogue! I picked these pictures from the web.

Friday, June 17, 2011

An Evening in Dilli Haat

It is a bit difficult these days to tempt yourselves away from the air-conditioned malls in this hot and humid weather. But a trip to Dilli haat was the best thing about this weekend. The place has always been one of my favorite evening destinations. Having spent some great dates here, I have fond memories associated with this place.

About Dilli Haat
For those not from Delhi, Dilli Haat is an upscale flea market with ethnic handicrafts and jewellery from all around the country. It is also a hub of culinary delicacies from all around the country. You have state-wise food stalls. The stalls are spread in an open area just like you would find in a traditional haat.

What you get at Dilli Haat
Everything! I even saw a stall selling litchi! You can flatter your taste buds with items ranging from Kashmir ki Biriyani, Arunachal ke Momos, Gujarat ki Jalebi, Bengal ka Cutlet and so on. You can also find a wide range of interior decoration items, clothes, jewellery etc.

You can also find a wide range of interior decoration items, clothes and jewlery. I can think of

  • Home decoration items: handicrafts, metal-work, wood-work, bamboo-work
  • Pottery, Ceramic and Clay-work
  • Clothes: Mainly Traditional Kurtis, Shawls etc. But you get short skirts too!
  • Ethnic Jewelry
  • Bed-sheets etc
  • Wide variety of sandals
Here are the pictures!

A Trip to Dilli Haat is Incomplete without Momos and Fruit Beer

The Haat

Pottery/ Ceramics: Various sizes, shapes, designs

Colorful Cups

Artistic Wood-work


Harley Davidson for Rs 550!

Busy Baraat


Kids love these, I can't remember the name!! 

 There is more than just Traditional Stuff

Chest of Mini Drawers: Found these really interesting, Good for Jewelry

Name Engraved on Rice

The Nodders!


 Plenty of Food Stalls

I know I have given an overdose of pictures. But tell me which ones you like the most..