Saturday, June 25, 2011

Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer: Is it the Ultimate Solution for Dry, Chapped Lips?

I have been looking for solutions for two problems - Brittle nails and dry, chapped lips since time immemorial. While I have found some kind of a relief for the former in the Seacret nail care collection, I had hoped that I had found the answer for the latter through Neutrogena lip moisturizer. Here's more about the product and my experience and my review.

Product Details
Product Name: Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer
Sun Protection: SPF 15
Fragrance: No Fragrance :)
Color: No Color
Price: Rs 99 for 4gms (0.15 Oz.)

Product Description
'Lip Moisturizer softens, smoothes and protects dry, chapped lips with no waxy feel. This moisture-enriched formula soothes and conditions your lips, keeping them healthy looking and soft in all weather.

Contains a PABA-free SPF 15 sunblock for added protection from the sun's UV rays.
Use everyday to keep lips smooth and moisturized.
Formulated with only the purest of ingredients - so there's no color, no fragrance, no unnecessary additives.'

What is PABA?
'Para-Aminobenzoic Acid (PABA) was one of the earliest active ingredients used in sunscreen. While PABA is a powerful UVB absorber, it does not absorb UVA rays. PABA can also attach to skin proteins so it is not easily washed off while swimming. Since PABA needs to be mixed with alcohol for application formulas, it can sting when applied to skin. PABA can also stain clothing. Other disadvantages were allergic reactions, dermatitis, or perceived sensitivity to PABA.'

My Experience and Review
This was recommended to me by a friend who was very happy with the effect the product had on her. In general I trust Neutrogena products and hence decided to check this besides the numerous lipsticks and lip jelly's I have already tried. Moreover it was reasonably priced, so no worries.

May be I was expecting results too soon, but nothing really happened in the first 2 weeks. My lips continued to dry and flake. I had almost given up hope but then things started improving. My lips softened and it stopped flaking and drying too soon. And it's not like I had to re-apply every 5 min, but I did have to re-apply at regular intervals. The product started finally doing what it was supposed to do! I am reasonably pleased but not overwhelmed.

What I like about Neutogena Lip Moisturizer

  • No color, no fragrance
  • Very convenient to apply and carry, wouldn't melt in hot summers
  • Eventually did what it was supposed to do (after 2 weeks of use) - softened lips, prevented dryness and flakes
  • Has sun protection
  • Not heavy on the pocket

How Has Your Experience Been?
In general I have read good reviews about this product. I like this product too, but I am not convinced that this is the 'bestest lipbalm' as many claim. How have you liked it? Did it take 2 weeks to show its effect? And have you ever used any other lip balm which has had a faster and better effect?

While I will continue to use this product till I a better one, my search is not fully over. What will you recommend?


ClassyandFabulous said...

BOROLINE is the solution
put it on at night and ur problem will be solved by the time u wake up
yes its the same age old green tube that looks like its been preserved from the 90s but it gets the job don really well

Hungover on Fashion said...

I have tried boroline too!! I used to put on a thick layer in the night and it left the lips soft in the morning but then it was difficult to wear during the day as it leaves a thick stain. And then my lips would dry again! May be I am a little unlucky :(

Rajeswari said...

Best I have used is Blistex. Works very fast. Comes in wonderful flavous... yummy yummy :-)

Valerie said...

Thanks for sharing your experience with this product. I've never seen this one before where I'm at. Anyway, after trying out several ones, I've settled with Sebamed. It works pretty good, after just a couple of days, my lips stopped becoming flaky and chapped. It's also pretty affordable. :)

crazypoplock said...

For me The Body Shop Vitamin E lip balm will always be in the list of FEW THINGS TO TAKE IN A DESERT ISLAND LOL! Its a tad bit pricey for lip balm but the results are fast and satisfying.

Plus before going off to sleep I always apply my lip balm to get that plumpy lips for the mornings ^_^.

Tanveer Parmar said...

This worked pretty well for me - left on overnight as a thick layer, it really helped my lips :)

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream helps...

indian beauty central said...

Oh boy would u believe if I told you I was planning to post on Neutrogena lip balm as well! LOL guess great minds think alike :) Btw one of the best lip balms i've ever used is Blistex Daily conditioning treatment..minty vanilla & totally hydrating..too bad its not available in India :(

Asta said...

i recommend burts and bees original unscented lip balm. my lips are really dry and chapped, the only thing that worked for me is burts and bees hands down!

PeachesandBlush said...

NICEEE pics..i really like this lip balm tho...

Ankita said...

No fragrance ? Wow, that's interesting!!

Hungover on Fashion said...

Thanks for your suggestions everyone!
Yes no fragrance, and I love it!