Monday, May 16, 2011

Lotus SPF 60 Sunblock: Review & Comparison with Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch (SPF 50)

I had actually gone to buy the lotus SPF 40 sunblock but that was not available and hence I ended up buying this.

Product Description
Extreme Sun Block Cream, SPF 60, UVA-INDEX 20*

This extreme sun block cream contains high concentrations of intense sun screens and sun filters to reflect, scatter and absorb all the UVA & UVB rays. 
Protects skin completely against skin ageing, tanning, skin cancer and all sorts of UVA rays associated damages.

*UVA Index 20: Most sun protective creams/ lotions offer protection against UVB only. Recent research shows that UVA rays are even more harmful. UVA Index 20 guarantees protection against UVA rays.

Price: Rs 375 for 60 gm

Direction for Use
Apply liberally and evenly on face and exposed parts of (body neck, arms, legs etc.) before exposure to sun.
Re-apply frequently. For sun-sensitive skin, apply every 2 hours.

Active Ingredients
Pure and researched herbal extracts of 
  • Oregano (anti-oxidant and anti-irritant)
  • Chamomile (Soothing & Calming)
  • Carrot (Anti-tanning)

For those interested in the full ingredients list, I have taken a close-up!

My Experience
 This is something that is mentioned inside the box. 'On application, the cream may leave a temporary whitening film which on further rubbing will disappear into the skin'.

It is indeed true that it disappears in the skin really quickly (rubbing after 5-10 seconds), but I don't like this initial white cast too much.

Left: Apply a little                                                   Right: Initial Rubbing

Absorbs completely within 5-10 seconds of more rubbing

Lotus SPF 60 Sunblock: My Likes and Dislikes and Comparison with Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock (SPF 50)

I don't currently own neutrogena ultra-sheer but have used it in the past. It is by far one of the best-selling sunblocks. Here's how I compare lotus vs neutrogena. I have attached a summary table too.

What I like about Lotus SPF 60
  • The high SPF and protection against both UVA and UVB. Of course this is why I bought it in the first place.
  • A tiny amount is required, so the tube will last for a really long time. This is true for neutrogena too.
  • It is water-proof and sweat proof.
  • It is not sticky and absorbs well in the skin within a few minutes of application. I won't say that I don't feel anything on the face at all, but it is light-weight.
  • Does not make the face look shiny (I have normal skin). Neutrogena leaves the face a little shiny in the beginning but that goes away soon.
  • It is water-proof and sweat-proof.
  • I totally love the fact that this product has natural ingredients.
  • Has a very mild fragrance, typical to lotus creams. It's very bearable.

What I don't quite like about Lotus SPF 60
  • Despite having a high SPF, it needs to be re-applied every 2 hours. Neutrogena on the other hand has to be re-applied only after swimming, towel drying or excessive perspiration/ sun-exposure only.
  • I don't like the white cast it forms initially, though it disappears within 5-10 more seconds of rubbing. This does not happen with Neutrogena.
  • Texture is thick, which makes it a little difficult to spread. You end up wondering if the whole face has been covered or not. Neutrogena also has a thick texture.
  • It is a bit expensive (Rs 375 for 60 gm vs Rs 150 for 30ml for Neutrogena). Also a trial size is not available.
Will I repurchase again?
I would actually buy a Neutrogena Ultra Sheer when I am over with this.

Overall Recommendation
I like lotus products because they are natural. This is also a good product in isolation but I prefer Neutrogena because it is giving the same protection for a lower price and need not to be re-applied very frequently.


PeachesandBlush said...

I lvoe Neutrogena Dry Touch. I usually get tanned in 5 mins flat...but with this toh i never worry

Izzah Beverly said...

I'd buy both :), if I don't know which one to choose lol

Nivedita said...

Good tpo onow about Neautrogena. Would surely try it out

Rakhshanda said...

I love Lotus sunscreen but i accept, i haven't tried Neutrogena Dry Touch but really want to try it. thanks. great review.

Poohkie said...

I'm presently using the Neutrogena one & I love it.

indian beauty central said...

I have used Lotus,Neutrogena,Banana Boat sun block among others. honestly I'd not recommend Lotus at all,its no good on my skin. I infact tested it out on my day trip to Agra (read 8 hrs of sun exposure in car) and even after reapplying this every hour,I tanned badly.My skin turned an ugly orange shade wherever I had applied Lotus sunblock and I absolutely hated it...steer clear of this..

Hungover on Fashion said...

I have not put this product to a strict test..Generally travel for an hour in the car in the sun everyday, and it has worked okay. But the info that indian beauty has provided is useful.

@indian beauty: since you've tried so many, which one do you recommend? also was it spf 60 only that you tried?

indian beauty central said...

yup I've used this Extreme Sun Block Cream (SPF 60 UVA-INDEX 20) &
Lotus Intensive Sun Block Spray
SPF 50 UVA-Index 16, the spray one is easier to apply & blend in to the skin.This might be ok for 1-2 hrs of sun exposure but not for long durations.
Banana boat is not easily available in India but it really works well, in fact if you intend to swim or are prone to excessive sweating this is your best bet.
Neutrogena also works well and is easily available across India.
If you are prone to easy tanning & skin problems which get aggravated due to sun exposure consult your doctor & use a medicated one, it might not smell good but will definitely do the job.Hope that helps (p.s. sorry for such a long drawn comment)

Linhy said...

there's a brand called Aveeno they came out with a 80+ SPF and 90+

Hungover on Fashion said...

@Indian beauty: Thank you..that was really useful!!

@Linhy: Yes, I have used Aveeno products in the past, they're also johnson & johnson as far as I can remember and have nice products.Haven't seen the sunscreen around though..