Sunday, May 15, 2011

Maybelline Expert Wear Blush 'Dusty Mauve': Swatches, Review, Photos

This is a little strange because I had already posted this article, and then there was the blogspot outage and I lost this post!!! Suddenly I saw this in the 'edit' status in my list of posts, not the final post but may be the draft a just before posting. So I am putting this up again. I have lost on all the comments unfortunately, and there were quite a few! I don't know what happens to them :(

I wonder if you guys also faced something similar! And if you happen to remember your comments may be you could put them again :)

This was my first ever blush purchase. You may actually find it strange that I bought my first blush at the age of 28, but as I have stated earlier as well, make-up for me has been just about eye-liners and lipsticks for all this while..Here are the product details.

Product Range: Maybelline Expert Wear Blush
Shade: Dusty Mauve (50)
Price: Rs 209 for 4.5 gm
Claim: Oil free, Won't blog pores, Stay true color, Silky smooth texture

My Experience
Considering that I was buying a blush for the very first time, I wanted to make sure it was something not too colorful and close to my skin-tone. I picked this up from a drug-store and could not even check for swatches. And when I actually applied it, it was more than what I wanted it to be on my 'invisibility' parameter! It simply wouldn't show on my cheeks! It would show a very little shimmer in the day light, but there really was no color. It was the wrong shade that I had picked up for my skin color. Let's look at it a little more closely.

The Color/ Swatches
  • The color has a slightly whitish tinge, if you look at the swatch on the finger.
  • On my hand also you can see a light whitish shimmer, and that's about it. It shimmers in the sun but barely visible indoors.
  • The color is more appropriate for very fair skin, my mistake :(

  • Did not cause any break-outs.
  • Very easy on the pocket, so you can play with the other shades.
  • The texture is okay, not silky smooth but not too powdery either.
  • I know I picked up the wrong color, the color that simply does not show. But I do like the shimmer, just that expected a little more.
  • It has a whitish tinge, more appropriate for very fair skin, but I would have liked a pink tone.
  • The pigmentation is not strong, you have to really build it up through multiple strokes. Again a shimmery blush will always have a weaker pigmentation as compared to a matte one.
Will I repurchase?
I don't mind experimenting with one more shade like the 'potpurri' or 'apricot flush'. They have a range of colors.

This is a nice color for very fair skin and I will not recommend it for the average Indian complexion.


Nivedita said...

Hey pinched Pink is an amazing color. These are not very pigmented, although I use this the most. If you are looking for rusty Apricot flush is nciely pigmented, so are Pinched Pinks and Potpourri. This shade is so close to our skin color that with pigmentaion like this, it wont show up on our skin. It would be nice on white skin though. You images are always so lovely dear

Asta said...

i would use it as a highlighter since it does give a little glow. i am currently using elf mineral blush in rose. take care.


Michelle said...

Wow, amazing tips! I realy enjoy the way you showed the function of these products!

Kisses xoxo :)

beautydiva said...

nice review, i got these 1s in berry sorbet and apricot flush. love them :)

Moda Louvain said...

interesting post.

Moda Louvain said...

interesting post!!
it doesnt seem too bad but then again ive never used one of those~

thanks for letting know!1

btw you can now enter the giveaway!

Hungover on Fashion said...

Yes I will try some other shade!
I am enjoying the borrowed DSLR :)

Linhy said...

Nice nude shade!

Tanveer Parmar said...

Awww! Your first blush! Too bad it didn't work out, but I hope you won't get scared & will try out more shades :D

Lipsy said...

I love MAybelline Dream Mousse Blush Rose gives a subtle pink glow..

Hungover on Fashion said...

Thanks god the post was there in draft status but I lost all my comments due to the blogger outage :(