Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Goodies from Clinique

'Gifts with Purchase' is a phrase that everyone loves! Sadly, though the Indian consumer does not get to experience this as much as those in the US/ UK. And in case you thought I was telling you about an ongoing GWP scheme, then I will unfortunately disappoint you.

This was during my trip to NYC last year. Yes, it's kind of stale news but one I wasn't a blogger back then, two till date I feel very excited about this offer, so just felt like sharing!! Waiting for such initiatives from the bigger brands on a bigger scale here..

The Scheme: It was very simple, just buy Clinique products (anything) worth $ 30 and you get these goodies!
The Goodies: 5 sample size Clinique products along with a Clinique hair-brush, all packed in a cute Cosmetics bag.

Clinique Rinse-Off Make up Solvent (2 Oz.)
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion  (1 Oz.)
Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief ( (0.5 Oz.)
Clinique High Impact Mascara  (0.14 Oz.)
Clinique Lip Color & Gloss Duo
Clinique Hair Brush
Cosmetics Bag

I was absolutely thrilled about the offer and picked up 2 lipsticks and collected my goodies bag. I will briefly talk about each of these products. In case you're interested in a detailed review, do let me know..I will be glad to do that! Here's what I bought.

Clinique High Impact Lipstick 'Go Fig', reviewed here.
Clinque Different Lipstick 'Shy', to be reviewed soon.

Let's start with the hair brush and the cosmetics bag. There's actually nothing to review here. All I can say is that this brush-cum-mirror has become one of my can't-do-without belongings..I carry it everywhere. And the cosmetics bag is the perfect size for travel!

GWP samples are the best way to test a product on you before you pay a hefty price and then realize it does not even suit you! It works for the company as well when they want to popularize a new product!

Brief Review: Clinique Rinse-Off Eye Make up Solvent
I will do a detailed review sometime. This was a great product for me since I do a little bit of eye makeup everyday (read eye-liners).
I love the fact that it is oil-free. So no stickiness, no eye irritation either.
It does a good job, but it's very expensive (Rs 1025 for 125ml) for a make-up remover if you actually want to buy one! Glad that I got it as a GWP!
Plus it is not able to remove the color of my stubborn lakme eye pencil!
Will I buy it: No because of the cost!

Brief Review: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
It absorbs very well into the skin and is not heavy.
It does make the skin soft.
Has a very very mild but slightly synthetic smell.
Will I buy it: I am not the kind to spend a fortune on lotions really, so not unless it's inexpensive.

Brief Review: Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief
This claims to keep the skin moisturised for 12 hours! I liked it for the fact that it was very very light and was still able to keep the skin hydrated. You just wouldn't feel you put anything on your face.
Will I buy it: May be yes...

Brief Review: Clinique High Impact Mascara
I love this one, haven't found out the price, but it does have a good impact. Will show some demo also someday.
Will I buy it: May be yes...

Brief Review: Clinique Lip Color & Gloss Duo

Now, I have not actually used this and planning to give it away when I have 200 followers! But I have used Clinique lipstick and it is by far the best I have liked!
The duo consists of

  • Long Last gloss wear SPF 15 (Fireberry)
  • Different Lipstick (Raspberry Glace)

From what I can tell from the swatches, it's a very very pretty color and the gloss is a bit sticky which gives me an asurance that it will stay for quite sometime. The SPF 15 is an added advantage. Though, the different lipstick does not stay on for very long, I think the combination of fireberry and raspberry will be quite firy and stay on reasonably long!
Will I buy it: Yes, I will never say no to Clinique lip products...

Here are the technical details, not very legible though.

Have you got such a nicely packaged GWP yet? How was the exerience?


Rakhshanda said...

Woww...enjoy hun!!

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nice..i love freebies!

Nivedita said...

Wow!! I'm going green now!! Lucky you who have the opportunity to travel and shop. :P Everything si great!! yes yes. Reviews would be nice, I'll wait for them

bhumika said...

dat sounds awesome..nice deal..

Izzah Beverly said...

oo~. coool!, I wish i cud go to NYC :(

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Lovely goodies - have fun!

Aarthi said...

I was so tempted to buy this during my recent trip to Dubai.. Somehow I resisted :D

Gauri said...

Awesome stuff! ♥ the goodies.

figo said...

great post. yes i see these at many stores my mum loves the concept i usually however dont end up going with it because i usually dont use the products they are sponsoring.

thank for visiting my blog. thank you for the comment. i am not following you!!!!

Shruti said...

Wow! u bought all of these?? :-O
thanks for the review. I am gonna try the mascara sometime soon :)

Pieter said...

Great products!
I also use clinique every day :)

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great review! :)

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i liked the cute purse. :))

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Great goodies! The makeup bag looks very cute :)