Saturday, May 7, 2011

Picture Perfect Kerala: Part 2

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Destination 2: Allepey
From the hillstation, we headed to the backwaters. Water, water everywhere (there was enough to drink as well ;)), in fact there was no direct road linkage to the resort we were staying in. They had boats to travel from the resort to a pick up point. The resort, 'Lake Heavens', was a wonderful place to stay at. It was a reasonably big property with lots of greenery and some interesting residents :)

We also had booked a houseboat for a day. Although the view from the houseboat was breath-taking, it stayed still for most of the time as against our expectation and hence was a little disappointing! But you still can't miss it because of the picturesque beauty it lets you experience!

We also visited the Allepey beach nearby.

Destination 3: Kochi
We took a tour of the city and the Chinese net at Fort Kochi offered the most spectacular view. Each structure is at least 10 m high and comprises a cantilever with an outstretched net suspended over the sea and large stones suspended from ropes as counterweights at the other end. Each installation is operated by a team of up to six fishermen.

Take a look yourself. Again, most but not all pictures are taken by me here. It was rather a family venture :) I hope you don't get tired scrolling. Check out the Allepey bus-stop and school-bus..

The Resort Cottage

Relaxing in a Hammock

The Resort's Residents

The Giant Turkey: Super-entertainer with its wing-dance!!

The House Boat

Sunset from the Houseboat

Another Shade of Sunset from the Houseboat

The Allepey 'School-bus'

The Allepey 'Bus-stop'

Sunset at Allepey Beach

 The Chinese Fishing Net

I thought we were in a Secular Country!

Colors of Kerala

So do u wanna make a trip to Kerala too!


PeachesandBlush said...

Amazing the one with the birds and the one with the parrots...u really should buy that camera yll do it justice...
why u still up?

Hungover on Fashion said...

Yeah, the birds one is my fav too..Had taken many shots to capture those moving birds..

ClassyandFabulous said...

whoa @ the giant turkey!?
and wtf is up with the temple? unconstitutional

Hungover on Fashion said...

Yes, the turkey was one hell of an entertainer actually!! the temple stuff's really sad and disgusting...

Asta said...

i jumped with joy when i saw your new post about kerala. it is one of my dreams to visit kerala and goa. thanks for the info about the place. i wish you had more pictures. the views are breathtaking. i want that houseboat!

take care

Sumitha said...

The boards at temple..u'll find tht in 80% of the temples.. :( Long way to go..

Nivedita said...

I'm speechless at the beauty and the photography. esp love the sunsets, chinese fishing net and colors of kelrala. now I badly want to go to Kerala!!!
Onw thing, if shirts are not allowed what would people wear to the temple?

Hungover on Fashion said...

The board thing is rather sad..
I think guys have to go topless..

Ankita said...

Lovely pics. Esp 'Sunset from houseboat' and the one with the birds.