Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Perfect Sales Girl..Where is She?

Think about the last sales person who helped you ((or may be 'made you') buy something. It is highly likely that she would fall in one of these 3 groups.

1. The Stalkers
2. The Shockers
3. The No-Talkers  

Let's get into the details a bit.

The Stalkers: These are the people who start following you the moment you enter the store. They act as if they have the noble intention of helping you find what you want, but I think they have a hidden motive and it is highly irritating.

'Dude I am not a kleptomaniac, leave me alone.' is what I feel like saying! In fact I have actually said that on a couple of occasions! I just hate it!

The Shockers: You would mostly find them in stores selling multiple brands. They quietly hide somewhere and keep watching you! The moment you touch something that their brand also sells, they would suddenly appear out of nowhere to scare you and start convincing why should pick up their brand over the ones you've been using for ages.

They would try to oversell so much that you would most likely get pissed off and walk out of the store, not even picking up your favorite brand! Or may be you would end up buying the absolutely the wrong product. I hate this too.

The No-Talkers: Here comes the third category who hate their job (I know that's a common phenomenon in the human race), and don't care about the customers either. She would continue to play with her hair or keep smiling at the saucy sms she just received on her mobile while you keep hunting the store for what you want. In-fact a few of them give you the 'Do you think you can even afford it' look too!

Needless to say I don't like this category either, but may be they are probably more bearable than the first two. At least they let you be on your own.

When we spend our hard-earned money on expensive goods, all we expect are a warm welcome, some honesty and a little bit of service. A good sales person can completely transform the shopping experience and will make you come back! But the question is, where are those good sales people!

And this is not limited to shopping alone. Even in restaurants we often actually end up paying a paying a service charge for no service at all! Happened with me at Punjabi by Nature last evening.

There still are a few good people who do their job of selling with honesty and passion! Do share your experiences, good and bad. And what do you think makes a sales person good?


Anonymous said...

highly entertaining!! i think its true irrespective of fact maybe boys irritate girls more and vice versa..

ClassyandFabulous said...

I HATE THE STALKERRSSSS and the shockerssss arghhhh

Rakhshanda said...

Great post!! Thanks for sharing :D very interesting!!

Vanity said...

stalkers r soo irritating!! ur post tickled my funny bone :D

Ik said...

haha you just described all the SAs of Health and Glow!:P

There are a few good ones too..

oh and I'd like to add
The Know it Alls- madam this will make the marks go. madam this will do this that magic. And when you try to reason with them( yes i'm one of those idiots)they want to argue with you. :|

Hungover on Fashion said...

@Ik: Yes The know it alls mostly belong to the second category I guess..

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

hey nice all of them .....the third variety is the most bearable tho!!!

Nivedita said...

Oh! There's yet another category who are in love with particular customers!! Once there was a sale going in at TBS. I wanted to really buy quote a number of things. I asked the assistance of the female SA. She was literally yupping after an elderly lady whose basket had a few things and she was trying to waver her off. It was like, the SA was trying to assist the lady who did not wat it, and I kept requesting the SA to help me a bit but she wont listen!! I was so irritated I left the store. Little did I know!! Had it been now, surely I would have complained about it

PeachesandBlush said...

Arre iu commented on this thing yesterday...i dunno why this happens with yr blog!!!

Haan so i was saying that the lkeast of the three eveils are the no-talkers, and stalkers are the worstttT!!!!

Hungover on Fashion said...

ohh may be i should have put a few more categories :)
but yes, third ones are the most bearable!