Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lady Gaga at American Idol 2011 to Mentor (or Shock?) the Contestants

Lady Gaga visited the American Idol 2011 to mentor the top 4 contestants. Everyone knew it would be interesting, but noone knew exactly how interesting. Besides making it interesting, she also shocked the contestants (and the producers) a bit. No, I am not talking about her make-up here, 'Bizzare' is her USP and she beats her own record on that parameter everytime! It was a little more than just the make up. Let's see what.

Shock 0: The Look

I am calling this as shock zero because while it is always expected that she would arrive in a newer and more bizzare avatar everytime, it still did make eyes open wide :). The black boundary around the eyes, multi colored and multi layered wig.. and whats with that big black dot!!

Shock 1: The Shoes
The shoes were what made me to write this article. While watching the show I felt that there was something more about them besides being typically super-tall. But since the American Idol logo was always placed on them, I thought of taking a closer look on the internet.

And the reason why the show producers had strategically placed the logo on those clear plastic heels is because they were  phallic!!!! They were made by the London fashion brand Void of Course and were worth $ 4500!! But it was not about just the money, not all rich can wear these stilettos!

Shock 2: Bringing out the Theatrical Best in Performances
Lady Gaga being super-drama herself wanted all the contestants let go of their inhibitions and bring out their theatrical best in their performances!  

She challenged Haley Reinhart, one of the contestants to make her performance of  Ben E King's 'I (Who Have Nothing)' a little more, well, "psycho."! Reinhart's instant reaction was of shock of course! But she coped up well.

Haley Reinhart

To another contestant, Scotty McCreery she said, "Get right in the center of that hot dog." ("I don't know where Gaga was going with that," McCreery admitted.) when she felthe wasn't properly singing into his microphone. She then told him to treat the mic like it was his girlfriend. 

Scotty McCreery

While  mentoring James Durbin to an Elvis track 'Love Potion #9', when she recommended Durbin swivel his hips like the King. "Get in your body a little more,' she suggested, and when he didn't immediately comply, she stood behind him, her hands on his hips, and moved them herself. He later confessed that he felt awkward and uncomfortable.

 James Durbin
 On a closing note, I have to admit that I am a huge fan of Lady Gaga myself because she is a rock-star and a trend-setter. She dares to things that no-one else can and in her own style. You can never 'not notice' her! And not to forget, I love her voice too. She is a great entertainer! But then you cannot also deny the fact that she is weird too, and I generally like covering weird stuff if they are entertaining too. Hence this article about her.

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Lady gaga is so unique! her futuristic style are seems to be timeless :).. Loving her shoes!