Monday, May 2, 2011

Let's Get to Know Philip Treacy..

With Mr. Treacy making headlines for the whimsical hats he made for the guests at the Royal Wedding (see some here), I wanted to know the answers to 'Who is Philip Treacy?', 'What does he look like', 'What does his collection look like', 'Does he make only hats?' and so on. Of course I have to admit my fashion ignorance here (Come on I do know Manish Malhotra, Ritu Kimar and some more), but I am learning slowly. So I Googled him and here's the summary.

This is what the 44 year old looks like.
He was born in 1967 in a tiny village in Ireland and loved watching weddings as a child. They were like fashion shows to him. In school while all the boys used do wood-cutting and girls were busy with sewing, he wanted to join the sewing gang. Treacy started sewing at the age of 5 using his mother's sewing machine when she would go out to feed the chickens. He made clothes for his sister's dolls.

He later went to a fashion school where he made hats for the dresses he designed 'as a hobby'. He staged his first fashion show in 1993 - All Black Hats, during the London Fashion Week and the rest is here to see.

His Collection
He is primarily known for his hats, but he designs other accessories like clutches as well. The fact that he is so famous naturally means that his collection is pretty bizarre. He has made famous hats for many famous people. We have already seen the Royal Hats. Some other's are..

Camilla Parker on her Wedding Day and Sarah Jessica Parker in Philip Treacy Hats

The New Sun, Lady Gaga in a Philip Treacy Hat with Beyonce
It's also heard that Lady Gaga as bizzare herself as Treacy's hats had applied for an internship with Treacy!

The Lobstah Hats 
(Left: Lady Gaga , Right: Model Dree Hemingway in a Vogue Italia issue)

Some More (I can't come with so many names any longer :))






 8: My Favorite!



Which one do you think is the most dramatic?


Vanity said...

all of them r dramatic for my taste!!
n m quite beginning to luv ur interesting posts like these <3

SinFoodie said...

Check these cupcakes based on his princess beatrice hats :D

indian beauty central said...

Hey you beat me to it! I was working on a post on Philip Treacy as well. Philip's hats & his mentor cum muse- Late Isabella Blow have always fascinated me, he's very original & inspirational.Great post!

Aarthi said...

The Hats look so weird and few others look so wow..

Hungover on Fashion said...

@Vanity: Thanks :)
@Sinfoodie: They are something!!!!! I just checked them out..
@indianbeauty: oops..I didn't cover Late Isabelle though..
@Aarthi: Whatever, they're all bizarre!!

The Fire Inside Me said...

unique hats ;)

ginger said...

hey sweets, i just though i'd drop by and tell you ur forgetting something. hehe. tc.
and the hats seem too adventureous for me to try. just imagine someone wearing them at a get together in India.

rohinie said...

wow those hats

love your post dear:)

Hungover on Fashion said...

Had I seen these a week earlier, I would have said these hats are not really for wearing, they're all for the ramp! But after the Royal Wedding, anything is possible!!

Bonniela said...

The hats were the highlight of the wedding!
Hey, I checked it up again. This time, surely following. ;)
Follow me? :)

The white cabbage said...


very British !
I've enjoyed.

come for a visit to my blog ,and if you like sign as follower...I'll do back


Anonymous said...

those are some really gorgeous hats!
i love SJP's hat! soo fab!


PeachesandBlush said...

The hand with the hat thing is amazing. I would wear that to some costume party.
They are slightly crazy but it must be so much fun to work for philip treacy..jjust think of anything you want to and turn it into a hat!

From Broadway said...

his designs are really something else....