Sunday, May 15, 2011

For Purple Smokey Eyes: L'oreal Studio Secrets Lavender Smokes (Swatches, Review)

This is a nice quad to have and serves multiple purposes (read looks). You can get sexy purple smokey eyes and also neutral shimmery eyes with this.

Product Details
  • Product Range: L'oreal Studio Secrets Professional Color Smokes Eye Shadow
  • Shade: # 536, Lavender Smokes
  • Price: I paid $ 8.39 for 4.8 gms, can get it within $5-$7 online/ drugstores
  • Other Shades: Cobal Smoke, Forest Smoke, Blackened Smokes
  • Availability in India: This is not available in any retail outlets here. I have seen it on ebay though (around Rs 800)

  • Product Description
  • L'Oreal Studio Secrets Color Smokes eye shadow quads offer professionally-coordinated smoky colors for intensity and drama.
  • Color-infused smokey palettes achieve a dramatic look
  • Super-blendable, long-wearing powder formula
  • Includes professional shade application guide

The Colors
1. Purple
2. Mauve
3. Beige (Closely resembles MAC All That Glitters)
4. Bronze (Closely resembles MAC Wood Winked)

All the colors have shimmer in them. 3 and 4 are more shimmery than 1 and 2 has the least shimmer, actually gives an almost matte finish on the eye. I wear the mauvish shade almost everyday to work.

The purple has a blackish tone.

Pigmentation and Swatches
The pigmentation is reasonably nice but not absolutely fantastic. But that works perfectly fine for me. If you want you can build it up well through multiple strokes. I am in love with the mauve and the bronze shades!

Again as you can see, the purple is more of a smokey purple rather than the perky purple. It has pink shimmer.

Shade Application Guide
 I really want to come up with an EOTD soon!

What I like about Lavender Smokes
  • Nice color collection that gives you both bright and neutral shades. They're very wearable to work. 
  • Stays on for fairly long without creasing. Blends easily.
  • Pigmentation is pretty nice (but again not fantabulous). Texture is good too, not powdery.
  • The applicator hasn't lost the sponge yet unlike some other quads.
What I don't like about Lavender Smokes
  • Wish the purple was perkier :). But considering they are intended to give you a smokey look, blackish tone is justifiable.
  • Not available in India in retail and ordering online makes it a little expensive. It comes very cheap in the US though and is available in most drugstores, and that's actually a plus!

Overall Rating: 3/5

Will I repurchase?
This will take long to finish. Wouldn't mind trying the other quads if I still get them under $7.


Gauri said...

♥ this!! I completely agree on everything here. But a quick question though, where did you purchase this from??

Hungover on Fashion said...

hey, I got this when I went NY last it from a drugstore.

Rakhshanda said...

Beautiful shades!! Great review <3

PeachesandBlush said...

Prettyyy!! Ya ya an eotd !

Hungover on Fashion said...

Thanks..ya will do soon..plan for this week till i have the camera..if i screw it up may be the camera will save me :)

Anonymous said...

the colours look fantastic!
cant wait to see ure eotd!
dnt forget to enter my giveaway!

EVE-O-LUTION said...

grt review gal!!

Shruti said...

I face a lot of trouble with eye makeup. I'm too bad at it. This review is of great help! I loved the shades.. but I didn't quiet like the purple here. It's too dark (as u said blackish). I might take a direct look at the store and try it on. Thanks for sharing :) Love how you describe, compare and show.