Thursday, January 26, 2012

ALDO: A Must Visit for Boots during this Sale Season

That is the rush outside ALDO, and it is definitely not without a reason. ALDO has a pretty huge collection of boots and the sale is the perfect time to collect one of those.

When I visited NYC last year, I had seen some great knee-high boots for $30-$50. But I did not pick any thinking, knee-high boots will be a little too much for Delhi, it does not get cold enough! And trust me, this has been my biggest 'fashion' regret for 2011 :( Delhi is swarming with boots of all kinds and heights, and if you are looking for one then ALDO (Select City, Promenade) is definitely a store that you should visit.

As I already mentioned, they have boots of all types - knee high, ankle high, mid calf, flat boots and so on. They also have a huge range of prices. I saw boots from Rs 3600 to Rs 8000 (post-sale prices). There were probably some in the higher range too! But Rs 3600 - Rs 4200 may not be that bad a price for ALDO boots and you will get a few choices there. Just pray that they have your size too.

Here are some boots you could find there. I ain't sure of the exact design, but you will definitely see some similar and interesting boots. Was unable to take pictures :(
Hurry up, ALDO is offering upto 70% off now!!

And there are plenty of sandals, shoes as well..

Images from ALDO website