Monday, February 14, 2011

Where to Shop in New York!

It's not like I don't enjoy shopping here in India, but shopping in New York City is a different experience altogether. Be it electronics or clothing or make up, they are all much cheaper there, not to forget the variety that you get. This is where a shopaholic can attain nirvana! In fact when I went there for the first time, I had shopped so much that I had to slide in some stuff in my colleague's luggage :) They still laugh at me for this!!

The city has so much in it that you cannot get bored even if you're all by yourself. And when it comes to my shopping, it usually has a lot of shop hopping :) So I prefer going alone and indulge myself in the world of fashion, makeup and trends!

So what are my favorite shopping hangouts there? This is going to be a slightly long post. So I will break it into may be 2-3 posts. My favorites are:

***Forever 21 and H&M***

Forever 21: I have already talked about my love for this store in my earlier blog: Forever 21 is a Favourite Forever. I had also promised some more snaps. Here they are.

  • The style is dominated by teenage and casual, but there is something for everyone. You cannot come out empty handed.
  • Reasonably priced. You will get lots of cool, trendy, sexy stuff in even $15-$20.
  • Fabric Quality: Not all of them are amazing. In fact some of them even remind you of Sarojini Nagar and Janpath of Delhi or Gariahat of Kolkata! But lasts long. I still have stuff purchased in 2007 in good shape. Of course, it tells a lot about how well I take care of my clothes :)
  • It feels as if everything they have, has been tailor-made for you! The clothes fit perfectly.
  • It's a complete store for women. They have everything - apparel, accessories, shoes, lingerie and even cosmetics!!

H&M: I have been familiar with this brand for a long time. Back in my hostel days, I stayed in a PG and my roommate worked with H&M. Lucky she was, used to come home everyday with a 'damaged' piece. But I always thought they were all perfect. Infact she got a couple of them for me as well!!

H&M makes a lot of their stuff in India, but unfortunately they do not sell here! In fact sometimes it really pains to pay for 'Made in India' goods in dollars :(

Like Forever 21, H&M also have HUGE multistoreyed stores.

  • They have a good mix of trendy as well as classy staff.
  • Fabric wise, they are slightly better than Forever 21 I would say. But they are a bit more expensive too, still very affordable.
  • I loved the collection of jackets and coats they have.
  • You can find both office as well as casual wear. I loved some formal skirts that they had!
  • Like Forever 21, they also have their own range of cosmetics. And they are pretty nice!
Well, this has been a long post I must say! In my next article I would talk about my favorite department stores in NYC. Any guesses??

*All Pictures from Google Images


Ankita said...

Let me guess - Macy's/ JCPenney ???

Hungover on Fashion said...

You will have to wait a bit Ankita :)

Meg.Meh.P. ( said...

I agree, forever 21 is a fav even though some of its stuff does remind one of sarojini and janpath. I like the reasonable prices and tons to choose from!
I so wish we also had H&M in India.. hopefully soon!

Hungover on Fashion said...

Ya even I wish H&M was here!! Esp when so much stuff is 'Made in India' :)

Segments of Life said...

I LOOOOVEEE forever21! I left the states to come study medicine in this part of the world, but I still order clothes from their website, and have relatives bring it for me every time they come! That's how obsessed I am, and can't let it go. Nothing satisfies me than their stuff.

smashingmir said...

Hey! Who did the pictures of the post!! Thy look really nices, ¿¿can i use them on my webpage??

smashingmir said...

Hey!I Love this shop!! Who did the pictures, they are really nice, can i use them on my web page. Please contact with me ay !!

Thank you!!

Hungover on Fashion said...

Hi,I don't own these pictures