Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Van Heusen Woman Sale!

This is the sale season and we all want to make the best of it. But this is not an easy thing to do and can actually get a little frustrating. The good items are discounted by just 10%, and the 40% stuff is not even worth looking at! This is the most common experience that we all have.

But Van Heusen Woman is not exactly the same story. Being a Risk Management Proffessional with a leading MNC, I have to have a resonably good collection of office wear. (What is reasonable is always debatable in case of girls). Unfortunately there are very few brands in India for good office wear for women. Van Heusen is my favorite amongst them. They have a good collection of skirts, dresses besides the usual trouser and shirt, Not to forget, they have some nice casual wear as well.

Specifically talking about the sale, they have a decent stock on discount: 25% and 40% off. The best part is that for the Diva members, they are offering an additional discount of 10%. So the 25% becomes 33% and the 40% becomes 46% sale. Here is a brief description of the items on sale.

I have also uploaded the pictures some stuff that I bought from the sale in another post here.

25% Discount:
Dresses: 4-5 designs. Price range: Rs 1795-2195. Easy to like atleast 1 of them.
Blazers: 2-3 designs. Price range: Rs 4995
Trousers 2-3 designs. Price range: Rs 1395 approx
Skirts: 2-3 designs (Mostly straight): Price range: Rs 1195-1395. Some of them pretty nice.

40% Discount:
Casual Tops: Many designs, wide price range
Shirts: Many designs Price range: Rs 1295 approx. Stock clearing, could find some good stuff.
Blazers: 2-3 designs. Price range: Rs 4000 approx. Good bargain.

Overall rating: 4/5
1: Don't waste your time 
2: Okay! Could find something if you're lucky
3: Certainly worth taking a look
4: Pretty good, must check out
5: Fabulous, Don't wait!


Ankita said...

Informative & Interesting!!

Hungover on Fashion said...

Thanks Ankita! Keep reading for more deals!

Anuja P. said...

I Agree..Van Heusen is definitely my fav. for Office wear too. It's an even better deal for Diva members like us :)

Parul said...

Hi, I was trying to search for Van Heusen Woman Sale and came across this article. I think the same is over but this was really informative and helpful. You have given some relevant details. I would definitely visit them now!

andrewhudson said...

Van Heusen Clothing is awesome!. I like this brand's apparel.