Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shoppers Stop Sale 2011: Make-up Deals!

The Shoppers Stop End of Season Sale started this weekend on 12th February and will be on till 6th March 2011. They claim an 'upto 51% off'. In this post, I will be talking about the make up deals they have. In my upcoming blogs I would talk about deals in bags, shoes and other things.

 I surveyed most of the cosmetics brands in Shopper's stop about the deals they offered. I know make-up blogs are boring without pictures. But since photography was prohibited inside the store, I had no choice. Not that I follow all the rules. But my phone camera has the flash and capture sound permanently activated. So, couldn't help it. This post is more informative than interesting. I could almost paste an excel sheet here, but don't worry I wont :). So here we go..

Chambor: I love their eye colour and had to buy a purple pencil. So I headed to their counter straightaway. Unfortunately they didn't have it in stock. But here's what they had:

  • Buy for 1500, Get a make up pouch free. (But the pouch was plain white in color, not very appealing).
  • Buy for 1200, Get an eye pencil free. (Basic pencil, not water/ smudge proof)

Revlon: They had a range of gifts to offer for various purchase amounts. Again, I wish I could put pics but alas!

  • Spend 850, Get a gift set of 2 candles
  • Spend Rs 1000, Get a make up bag. (This was better than that of Chambor's).
  • Spend Rs 2000, Get a watch
  • Spend Rs 3000, Get a trousseau box

The saleswoman was actually willing to give me a deal even if I did not cross Rs 850!
They had a purple but was lighter in shade shown in the picture below.


  • Buy for 600, Get 100 off.
  • Buy for 1000, Get 200 off. Pretty cool.

Loreal: 15% off on purchases above Rs 600. Not Bad!

Lakme: No special offer :(

Kaya: Free sunscreen on a purchase of Rs 1500 or above

Yves Saint Laurent: Buy any two products, get a gloss worth Rs 1570 free. They have 7-8 colors to chose from. Not bad!!

Elizabeth Arden: I am not a 100% sure on this one. What I can remember is that on every product they offered some beauty treatment like a facial etc.

So, why wait? It's definitely worth taking a look at!


Nivedita said...

Nice blog. Yes, its always good to keep a track of the sales. They fulfill out guilty pleasure. I went to the TBS too

Hungover on Fashion said...

Thanks Nivedita!

Masoom R. Minawala said...

Great blog ! Always good to hear about steals ;) !

Hungover on Fashion said...

Thanks Masoom! Keep reading for more deals :)

Ayushya said...

and i was under the impression that we are the ones doing deals in the M&A space!!!!