Sunday, February 6, 2011

Where to Find that Right Fit for Trousers?

This is a question that I have often struggled with myself! I want something that is very normal and yet is is hard to find. This is how I like my trousers to be:

  • Low Waist
  • Narrow Legs
  • Comfort Fit: The boss already gives us enough stress for the mind, at least the body should feel comfortable.  
  • With Pockets: I need this since I prefer keeping my cellphone in the pocket.

My Experience with Ready-made Trousers:

I have visited all the popular brands like Wills Lifestyle, Park Avenue, Van Heusen and I have not been able to get that right fit. Most of them are high waisted. You can't fit into your right size, but the next size is too loose! Most of them do not have pockets either.

My Solution:

I realized that tailor made trousers was the only solution. And so I thought of trying out Raymond. I know that very very few girls think of getting those trousers tailor made, but I was very happy. These are customized in terms of design, fit, colour and fabric.

The Price:
Stitching charges vary by showroom which is a bit strange. I have tried the South Extension store. They charge Rs 600.
Fabric is available in a wide range of colour, texture and price starting from Rs 400 per metre.

So basically a tailor made trouser from Raymond can cost anything from Rs 1200 onwards. This is in fact cheaper than the ready-made ones and you can pick your color, design and fit.

You can find the list of Raymond stores on their website.

I am happy with my experience at the South Extension showroom. I will be trying out the one in the Select City, Saket mall soon.

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