Friday, February 18, 2011

Cricket Captains in Cycle Rickshaws!

ICC World Cup 2011 has begun! The captains of the 14 competing teams paraded through Dhaka's historic Bangabandhu Stadium in colourfully draped rickshaws in the opening ceremony held last night. Here is our beloved captain MSD.

I know this does not exactly match my blog theme, but since I have only one page in the world wide web where I can voice my opinion, I couldn't help writing about my thoughts.

I kept wondering, why cycle rickshaws of all things?? I mean at one end there is a performance by Bryan Adams, and then glorification of the means of transport of a poor country on the other! I know this is the chance  for Bangladesh to rebrand itself. And I think its a great opportunity. But a rickshaw does not exactly represent development. I know they wanted to give the event a 'local' feel. But wouldn't something like a horse cart may be better?

** Picture from Google Images

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