Saturday, February 19, 2011

Street Shopping, There's Nothing that You Can't Find!!

I am in Kolkata for a week and during each visit to the 'City of Joy', I make it a point to check out what's new at my favorite street shopping venue: Gariahat!! My busy schedule in Delhi doesn't allow me to go anywhere beyond the malls. But I still love street shopping, and here is my chance!

I love shopping and window shopping here. The place is so crowded, yet so refreshing with the colorful ambiance. And it's probably the only shopping street in metropolitan cities where you can still find some stuff for Rs 2!! (bindis for example!). Inflation hasn't quite caught here perhaps! And there's nothing you can't find here - clothes, chappal, accessories, make-up, fake make-up, watches, sunglasses.. and the list goes on!

I love looking at all of them, but when it comes to buying I stick to accessories! They have an amazing stock - bangles, dangles, pearls and what not. In the past I have got some chappals as well. But make-up, NEVER! Don't even think about it! They have some street shops selling lots of fake stuff. You got to be careful about these..(The proper shops sell genuine stuff).

So what's the latest in my favorite shopping street?

Fake Elle 18 has been replaced by fake MAC on the nail-polish trays

Fake Revlon/ MAC Cosmetics Galore!

Everyone can get a 'Rayban' for Rs 100!

'Puma' Chappals for Rs 100!

'Designer' Watches

These were what 'I would not buy' from Gariahat street shopping (except for 'Puma' chappals, which are quite harmless :)). I did not want this post to be too long, so I am writing about stuff that I love buying from here in my next post 'For the Love of Colors, Accessories from Street Shopping'.



PeachesandBlush said... much fake

Nivedita said...

Hahahahah! Yes, at Gariahat few of the stalls are selling so much of these fake products. But did they ever sell Elle 18? I don't remember. The shops are still selling Elle18 and not the fake things.
Isn't it always so nice to be at Gairahat? I love the bustle the place holds.
Are you from Kolkata?

Hungover on Fashion said...

@Nivedita: Ya they used to sell fake elle 18..But all said and done, I love Gariahat. I was born in Kolkata and now go there to meet my folks.

Nivedita said...

I c. someday meet me too. :p Elle 18 comes so cheap I guess the fake ones would be pricier than the real ones. :D

Hungover on Fashion said...

Yeah I agree! Anyway leaving the city of joy tom early morn! So see ya next time :)

Hungover on Fashion said...

@Nivedita: Do have a look at the stuff I have put up in my 'For the love of colors..' post!

Appu said...

haha I've also seen a lot of "Ribok" and "Soni" too ;)

Lipsy said...

Loved ur blog...and specially all posts on street shopping
M following you...ur visit would be encouragement for me