Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wills Lifestyle Sale!

Wills lifestyle was one of my favourite brands when they were new. But over the years I felt their collection was getting weird. Even 'Small' size was too big. There were hardly any designs. Gradually I stopped going to their stores completely. But after a long time I thought of looking at their collection with a fresh mind. And I picked up the year end sale.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised with the stock they had at the Select City Mall store. They had 30-50% sale on everything - shirts, trousers, jackets, tops, capris. Size 26 is generally hard to find, but they had enough! I was specifically looking for lowers, and this is what I have to say.

  • Trousers: They had 3-4 designs. But the fit was not good. Tight from the waist and loose otherwise. Did not like anything.
  • Capris: They had some cool linen capris, ideal for summer which is almost here. If I remember correctly, they had it both in white and black and in the range of Rs 1200-1300.
  • Cotton Pants: I was lucky to be able to find a pair of beige ankle length cotton pants. I didnt't see too many of them. This was for Rs 1400 with a 50% discount.
They had a pretty huge collection of tops and winterwear as well, but I did not check them out well enough (cos I did not know that I would actually blog about them in the next weekend :)). One of my friends at office visited the Gurgaon store and this is what she picked up!

Grey Business Blazer. Price: Rs 4000. Discount: 30%

What I hated at the Store!!
The wait for the trial room!! Yes, it is understandable that sale season sees a lot of rush. But the stores must restrict the number of items to be tried to say 3. Infact that's what most stores do. Not Wills though.

Overall Rating
This review was not as thorough as that of Van Heusen Woman Sale posted in my earlier blogs. But based on the items I checked out I would rate Willl Lifestyle Yearend Sale a 3/5.

1: Don't waste your time 
2: Okay! Could find something if you're lucky
3: Certainly worth taking a look
4: Pretty good, must check out
5: Fabulous, Don't wait!


manas said...

Yes I experienced the same at the trial room. They should have some special provisions during the trial pd.

Debleena said...

Manas, yours is the first comment from the other sex..Thank you!!
Keep reading my stuff once in a while :)

Ayushya said...

Wills is absolute crap!!!! Weird sizes and fabric

Hungover on Fashion said...

I also felt the same till I checked out their stuff this time. May be you should also give it a shot :)