Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beach Vacation: What to Pack?

A friend of mine is planning for a beach vacation and she asked me to do a post on 'What to pack when you're heading towards the shack'. I loved the idea! I have been on quite a few beach vacations myself and every time there have been instances when I saw something beautiful and said 'Oh I wish I had this too!'. This post is a compilation of my wishes and experiences. Ofcourse I have taken some tutorials from the net too.

Swim Suit
Of course you can't forget this!!  

Beach Hats
I think these are both fashionable as well as necessary. You can't carry an umbrella on the beach. So this is the best alternative! Besides turning the sun away, they can turn heads too! Here are some pretty ones.

These are all available at for $25-40.

My friend is planning to buy the 'Wide Brim Sun Hat' from Coolibar!

If you think these are a bit expensive for a one-time wear, there are other options. Every beach has shops selling hats. Most of them are simple straw hats and would be available in the range of Rs 200-400 ($4-8). That's what I picked in my first beach trip :). You can get a simple local straw hat like this.

I have always adored the idea of sarongs! This is one of those 'Wish I had it' things! They are available in many colors and patterns and can make you look super-hot! Here are the 3 basic ways to wear a sarong. Of course you can get unleash your creativity as well! I like the skirt style in the centre.

And I also got this from the net, in case you need some help in how tie one and look sexy!

Beach Shorts
These are also available in multiple prints, colors and patterns. I like the low rise, bright floral prints the most.

Beach Jewelery
The beach look cannot be complete without some nice beach inspired jewelery.
1.Necklace made from objects found on the beach
2. Natural handmade pebble necklace. Hand made in Ireland, the necklace is said to feel amazing against the skin as the stones warm up
3. Hand made recycled jewellery made in Cornwall from beach collected plastic bottles
4. Necklace beads with shell

Sheer Shirt
Its not really a 'must carry' item, but I like wearing one over the swimsuit while taking a walk on the beach. It offers some sort of a protection against the sun, plus looks pretty cool.

I don't think I need to write anything about these! Just take the big ones, will give you maximum coverage and attention.

Now this is something that every article suggests. But no matter how strong a sunscreen I have used, I have always been tanned very badly. I am not sure but some people say its the salty sea water rather than the sun that causes tanning. Nevertheless you have to use one when you plunge into the sea.

My Experience: Take a waterproof sunscreen/ sunblock lotion with a strong SPF (atleast 30-40) but don't take a very oily one. All your photos will be spoilt. I had used 'VLCC Sunblock Lotion (SPF 30)' and it was very very oily. Gel based suncreens are very light but they are not too strong. I use 'Lotus Safe Sun' with SPF 20 and it is nice in terms of the feel on the skin.

 In fact if someone knows of a post comparing sunscreen/ sunblock lotions, please send me the link. I have heard very good reviews about 'Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 55'. I will try it the next time.

`So do you want to just pack and catch the next flight to Goa or Andaman? I do..`

These are the things that I have been able to think of. Why don't you share your experiences too..

And unfortunately if it's office where you have to go to tomorrow, you could see my post here about how to spice up your work wardrobe!

** Pictures from Google Images


Ankita said...

Wow, someone's done a lot of research ! :)
You could include "Beach footwear", "portable beach umbrella" too!!

Hungover on Fashion said...

oops, I missed those! Thanks for the suggestion..

Segments of Life said...

I just came back from the beach a few days back, and in most of the beaches, they sell all those things for pretty cheap, so I didn't bother taking those along with me ('cause I'll end up buying them anyways). I mean, who doesn't get tempted when they see new ones for sale? Just packed the clothes I planned on wearing, beach towel, waterproof sunblock, and some durable flip flops.

Here are some of the things I ended up buying:

RepublicOfChic said...

These are some really cool tips. I wish I could be a bit more daring on Indian beaches but well.. :)

Ila said...

I love the bit on tying Sarongs.... very useful!!

Kim Carfashion said...

I wish I could pack up for beach weather here in NYC!!!:(
BUT I LOVE all the tips and great things you have going on in your blog!

Following you now doll(: Make Make sure to follow me back sweetie!!


Hungover on Fashion said...

@Segments of Life: You got some amazing jewelery. I checked them out.
@RepublicofChic: I think you Goa is a pretty open beach :) Thanks for your comment
@Kim: Thanks!
@Ila: Glad you liked it, this post is dedicated to you after all :)

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