Sunday, May 22, 2011

Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities at Cannes 2011

I was waiting the Cannes 2011 Film Festival to end before coming up with my verdict on the best and worst dressed celebrities. However, there have been so many celebrities walking the red carpet, I may have missed a few anyway. So I decided to write the post, with 2 more days still to go! I was wondering how many I should pick, but then I just let it be spontaneous. This is what I have so far!

Who is Hot?

My Top Choice is Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace! 
She rocked the red carpet in this timeless brown strapless gown.

Bar Rafaeli in Roberto Cavalli
She looks stunning in the body hugging gown, nicely accentuating her curves.

Gwen Steffani in her own creation!
Hats off to her, not only for looking gorgeous but creating the gorgeous piece herself.

Uma Thurman in Versace
The actress carries of this strapless white gown in style. I just wish the hairdo was a little more neat!

Karolina Kurkova in Armani Prive
She is looking a little lifeless in this particular picture, but the off-shoulder gown is gorgeous!

Fan Bingbing in Versace
I really love this dress. Had never looked at Fan so closely, it's all because of the dress.
She looks graceful and chic in this satin strapless gown!

Who is Not so Hot?

Clotilde Hesme in Maison Martin Margiela
I neither know the actress, nor the designer, all I know is this is weird! 
What on earth is this? Should I call it a one-legged jumpsuit?
Everyone wants to look different, but this was much more serious than that! Yes, I experienced a shock of a 'different' level altogether when I saw this!

Elizabeth Olsen in the Row Dress!
First of all the dress doesn't seem to fit from anywhere. Secondly look at the flat chappals (sandals).
What, are we going shopping for groceries in the local market here? I guess we are at Cannes!

 Sara Jessica Parker in Elie Saab
This floral dress if knee length, may be nice for a casual get-together, but I don't like it for the red carpet! 

Freida Pinto in Lanvin
I don't know what she was thinking! This ultra-shiny short dress someone said looked like a bin-liner. 
I wouldn't be so harsh but this is repulsively shiny!!

Claudia Schiffer in Dolce & Gabbana 
The once-upon-a-time superhot model is wearing a lacy sheer gown which looks like a night dress!

Milla Jovovich in Prada
Where have the curves gone? And the red collar, that's not really stylish!

Diane Kruger in CK
There is nothing wrong with this dress but it's the fit on Diane that I don't like! 
The golden gown is hugging her a little too much, highlighting the bones and packs which does not look very pleasant!
All Pictures from Google Images (Various Sources), Collaged by Me!

I would have included Mallika Sherawat's spider dress too in this list, but I have already written about her here and didn't want to waste more blog-space on her!

Tell me what you think!


ClassyandFabulous said...

I thought the ck that diane kruger wore and the elie saab on sjp were fabulous
have u seen penelope cruz in the ruby armani prive column dress? it was divine..but i am not sure if it was in cannes tho.
I loved bar rafaeli, post break up she looks amazing! and fan bingbing :)

Hungover on Fashion said...

I dont like those..have given my reasons too :)
looks like I haven't seen the penelope dress..
ya rafeli is enjoying it, it seems ;)

Vanity said...

loved always! disliked everyone on d dislike list!

Asta said...

i think i agree except for Diane Kruger..she looked great i think!

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

nice lists!!
claudia looks like shes having a bad bad hangover!!!
loved all on the like list ...uma thurman and fan bing bing wow!!!

PeachesandBlush said...

I love fan bing bing!
and Bar Rafaeli and Angie Jolie and Uma Thurman. They look amazing. Ash needs to take a note or two from these gowns

Hungover on Fashion said...

Well I thought there would be some clash of opinions..but we all seem to agree :)except diane in a few cases.

fan's fan club is growing real fast :)

Rakhshanda said...

Great post!! Enjoyed <3

Gauri said...

In my opinion, Elizabeth Olsen looks the worst. It looks as if a curtain was draped around her.

Ayushya said...

Angelina Jolie resembles a famine stricken 50 year old hag from Somalia

Hungover on Fashion said...

Okay that was a little rude I have to say..But the comment section is for sharing opinions..So I won't withhold anyone's view.

When I looked at Angelina, all I focused on was the dress..However, post this comment when I look at her again, the arms look like they have aged a little too much.. Nevertheless, I love her dress!!!

A Lot Like Fashion said...

I loved angeline jolie too! :) Did you see Salma Hayek?! She was my best dressed! :)

Ik said...

I loved Bar Rafaeli!!!! OMG shes so hot! also Fan Bing bing. I lovee Uma Thurmans Versace and I quite liked The CK Diane Kruger is wearing.

Fathima Abdul Kader said...

You said that u cudnt see the submit button...what u have to do is put ur mouse on top of the form and scroll will go down...if it doesnt work...surely by all means submit it as a comment...!

Ginger said...

i love angelina jolie!!
i did not like the dress that much actually. just had to say this because of the hate comment.
the dianne dress i have seen in a best dressed list. but i agree with you, it is hugging her a little too much. this is another great post from you!!

Hungover on Fashion said...

@A lot like fashion: Yes I saw Salma Hayek..Just that the gown she was wearing was a little too embellished and glittery..I liked the simple ones more.

@Ik and Ginger: I know that many have included Diane's dress in the best dresses list. Honestly, I have nothing against the gown per say.. It's the fit, I don't like the super-hugged bony look..

Despina said...

Hey there,such a nice post.i guess my fav one is Gwen Stefani but i also like Uma Therman and Sarah J. Parker!i an following your blog now.follow back if u like :)

PeachesandBlush said...

I juts saw this post and couldnt help starng at Angelina Jolie's leg. Lol. Omg how fit is she man!!!

PeachesandBlush said...

I juts saw this post and couldnt help starng at Angelina Jolie's leg. Lol. Omg how fit is she man!!!

Hungover on Fashion said...

fit or overworked!!

Chloe Mia said...

I think Gwen looks amazing!

The Fire Inside Me said...

i agree for the most! But Sara Jessica Parker is for me hot, like her dress. But Angelina Jolie is horrible! I dont like her dress

Hungover on Fashion said...

Well Gwen's got a couple of more votes..and jolie, another hate vote!!!!!

Divina Joy said...

I like Angelina Jolie's dress and Fan Bingging too...

Shruti said...

Just when I was wondering why you haven't posted angelina, I see this! I absolutely love what she is wearing.. she is certainly the best dressed. A close second for me would be Uma. Very classy!
Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog! You should do a bag post soon... I'll look forward to it :)and yes, let's follow each other! I'm following you already ;)

Inky Pinky said...

Angelina Jolie & Uma Thurman get a double thumbs up !!!

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Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

Angie is fabulously gorgeous!!!
What I wore to a Museum Visit
Some summer Scarves

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...

Lovely blog. I am from Delhi too.
Can we follow each other?

Pearl Westwood said...

I agree with all mostly, especially Angie who looks amazing! I have to say I do really like SJPs dress out of all the bad ones though.

Kate L. said...

I love Fan Bingbing. She's beautiful as always.

Fashion Cat

Vale ♥ said...

I have loved reading this post so much and can't agree more with you on your hot and worst picks ! I love your blog, if you like mine and follow it then I will surely follow back ! Kisses from Italy

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...


Vale said...

Thanks for following dear, I am following as well as you can see ! Kisses

Nivedita said...

Angelina is always so gorgeous. I'm sure if she wore Frida's bin liners she would have made it look sexy!!! but I miss Gwen stefani's signature red pout!! Binbing also looks so pretty!!
Nice article!!!

kuheli said...

LOL! the one-legged dress made me bursting with laughter! hehehe! and i hate Ms. Pinto. what on earth is she btw? plz don't say she is an actress. :P :-/ i agree with ur opinion here except Jolie's gown. she cud hav worn something better i think.

MaNAa said...

angelina jolie is gorgeous <3

CLPig said...

Nice post!. love the pictures, simply amazing!

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