Monday, May 2, 2011

Picture Perfect Kerala: Part 1

I know that I digress from my fashion and make-up theme once in a while, but I believe anything beautiful must be shared. We visited Kerala last December with our family. We primarily visited 3 places - Munnar, Allepey and Kochi. My brother-in-law and I together took some 3000 photographs (I did not put an extra zero by mistake). I was supposed to actually choose the best 50 and put them in an album. But it was an impossible task to choose just 50 photos of such a beautiful place! Hence that project is yet to be completed! But here I am, atleast working through to complete the other project - sharing some snaps on my blog. I decided to break this in 2 parts so as to not give you an overdose of natural beauty. 

If you like the picture, you may click on it to view it larger.

The Overall Experience
Kerala is a very beautiful place with hills, tea-gardens, backwater and the old city charm. However, I felt it could get a little boring unless you're in a group or love taking photos or you're a poet/ writer or probably on a honeymoon. What I mean is it's definitely not a partying place, neither is there much to shop. It's all about natural beauty, uninterrupted relaxation and serenity. But since I was in a group and I love taking photographs, I had a great time!

Destination 1: Munnar
We landed at Kochi and headed straight to Munnar. This is the 'hill-station' of Kerala. And since I was in the middle of super chilly Delhi winters in Decemeber, hill-station made me think of an even colder place. So I packed some (you know my 'some') warm clothes, but they were mostly unused. Nevertheless, it wasn't called hill-station for nothing, it did have beautiful hills covered with tea plantations!

Munnar is very pretty with tea-gardens. The other places of tourist interest include a huge spice garden, Maattupatti Lake and a dam. The spice garden was expensive to buy spices from, but it did offer an exciting (?) elephant ride. And you can go for a boat ride near the lake (The activities per say).

Here's the view. Some snaps actually look like studio background, but they're real, courtesy not me but the place itself :). The pictures featuring me here have been taken by my brother-in-law who was exploring his newly acquired DSLR and also inspired me to put my non-DSLR, yet a good camera to some good use :)

The Studio View

The Tea Garden

The Landscape View
Pensive Mood

The Longest Morning Walk

The King of the Spice Garden

A Super Poisonous Plant in the Garden

My Love for Details

The Maattupatti Lake

The Joy Ride

Horses Taking a Break

My Random Photography

Do let me know what you think.
Breathtaking views of Allepey coming soon....


Glamorous Barbie ♥ said...

Doesnt it look like haeven..Its breathtakingly gorgeous!!Afterall its Gods own country...Btw its my native place too :)
amazingg pics.. waiting for allepy pics..

Asta said...

love it! I want to visit Goa and Kerala someday. Waiting for part 2.


Hungover on Fashion said...

It is coming in day...I myself can't wait to share them..

Poohkie said...

Truly God's own country! Gorgeous pics!!

Saga said...

Lovely pics!^^

Bonniela said...

I fell in love with Kerala the first time I visited. planned on another trip. Hasn't worked put but I really hope to visit again.
Your pictures have done justice to the place. amazing photography.
You go a nice blog.
Following right away! :)
Check mine?

Nivedita said...

best pictures by the perfect photographer!!
The place itself is so beautiful!!! No wonder Kerala is called God's own country!!! I am now waiting for the part 2 of this. The photos are a treat Debaleena!! I wonder how I missed them!!!

Hungover on Fashion said...

thanks for the compliment on pictures (assuming they're for me too and not just the place ;)

PeachesandBlush said...

The pictures are amazing ! I think u should take a course in photography or something. If yr good at it then might as well pursue it..u always said u dont have a hobby..arre this is yr hobby!

Hungover on Fashion said...

@PnB: Thanks for the compliment..Ya I just edited my profile and added 'photography' as an area of interest :)

Anonymous said...

very nice pics..definitely high time for a dslr! expectations are high for part 2 :)

Sumitha said...

nice pics...i miss them!! :(

Sumitha said...

nice pics...i miss them!! :(

shuchita said...

all the pics are nice, we went there last year and I loved it except the journey from airport to munnar