Sunday, May 8, 2011

Seacret Nail Care Collection: The Natural Nail-polish (with Demo Video)

So here goes the story. I was malling around with my husband and suddenly the SA came up to us and said 'Let me show you something amazing. Just give me the finger with the worst nails.' Though it was a rather embarrassing request, it wasn't too tough since I have very bad nails and any finger would work here. Anyway she took my finger, rubbed it with multiple sides of something she called a 'buffing block' and then she said 'Let me show you some magic', and my first reaction was 'wow!'.

It actually was magic because my nail was shining, my chipped, bitten, brittle nail was shining!! Of course I had to bring home the magic prop, the Seacret Nail Care Collection.

About Seacret
This US based company manufactures skin-care and spa products from the ancient, and some say mystical, muds, salts and minerals found only in one place on earth, the Dead Sea.
You can read more about them at

Seacret in Delhi
They have recently entered the Indian market and are primarily selling through stalls in malls. For some weird reason, they are not advertising about their products, but their SA's almost stalk you!
They have stalls in Select City, Saket (Ground Floor), DLF Place, Saket (Ground Floor) and in one of the Rajouri Garden malls.

About Seacret Nail Care Collection
SEACRET's Nail Care Collection is a unique product initially designed specifically for professional nail care. They help you get smooth and perfect polish for natural healthy-looking, shiny nails (yes they do, I have experienced it.)

The package contains the following items.

1. Buffing Block (free strip replacement)

2. Body Lotion (200 ml): You can choose from Ocean Mist, Milk & Honey and Pomegranate. I picked up Ocean Mist, as it has very refreshing fragrance.
Main ingredient: Almond Oil.

3. Cuticle Oil (30 ml): Oil for moisturizing fingernail area, softening the skin and helping to prevent dryness. 
Main ingredient: Jojoba Oil

4. Nail File

How to Use Seacret Nail Care Collection
Begin with clean nails.
Take the SEACRET nail file and begin shaping your nails as desired. Be sure to file in only one direction. (not back & forth)
Follow with the SEACRET Buffing block.
1. Blue Coarse Side – Use it lightly on the entire surface of your nails to smooth ridges and reduce discoloration. Buff it till your nails feel smooth, approx 40-60 sec. (use once a month)
2. Grey Soft Side – Buff lightly to polish surface, approx 30-40 sec (use once a month)
3. White Silky Side – Buff gently without applying pressure for a perfect gloss, approx 10-15 sec (use once every two weeks)
Finish with a drop of cuticle oil on your nail base (use once a week), being sure to rub in completely, and the body lotion, as needed, for an overall body quench!

Demo Video
I have put up a 2 min video showing how to use the buffing block and the cuticle oil. It's rather unclear and amateurish since it's my first. Nevertheless I decided to put it up.

The Result
I have already confessed that I do not have good nails. But you can still see the shine!! Looks like I have applied a coat of transparent nail enamel. But no I haven't, it's natural and the nails feel very very smooth. The shine lasts for 2 weeks!
I know this article sounds a bit like a company sponsored review. But it's not..I have always felt very sad about my nails and this was the first time something showed an instant result. Hence I am a little overwhelmed!

The Price
 They are currently offering a buy-1-get-1, hence selling 2 boxes for Rs 3500.
Now that's quite a steep price and my first reaction was to walk-away since 3500 was a lot and I didn't know what to do with the second. But after some negotiation, eventually they were willing to sell one for Rs 1750 and considering each manicure costs at least 300 bucks, this would stay much longer than 6 manicures with free strip replacement. I actually ended up buying 2 for 3500.

In the US the box is available for $ 49.95

Will I Recommend It? 
Yes, I will. This product helps you get healthy, smooth, glossy nails naturally. I have already experienced the smooth and glossy part. Will have to use a bit more to tell you about the 'healthy' aspect too. It is worth the money spent.

Interesting Stuff About Dead Sea
I read about dead sea after coming back home and let me help you refresh your memories too!

  • The Dead Sea  is completely landlocked and has some of the most saline water on earth; as much as 35% salinity.
  • It's called the Dead sea as there are no fish or any kind of swimming, squirming creatures living in or near the water because of the salinity.
  • Because of the rich minerals, it was one of the world's first health resorts, and it has been the supplier of a wide variety of products, from balms for Egyptian mummification to potash for fertilizers. People also use the salt and the minerals from the Dead Sea to create cosmetics and herbal sachets.
  • Because of the extremely high concentration of dissolved mineral salts in the water its density is way more than that of plain fresh water. So our bodies are more buoyant in the Dead Sea - so you bob like a cork, can't drown.

Source: Google Images


Vanity said...

haha i know he said to men"dont shout wen u see d magic" :P
n he was flaterring me by saying "are these ur natural nails?"!!
anyawy i liked dat it worked..yeah d shine remains for a long time :)

PeachesandBlush said...

Lol. it ws so fun seeing you in the video !!!!!!!
And yes iv seen the results so i know this is great!

Rakhshanda said...

Looks great!!Nice post :)

Ankita said...

Oh wow!! WHAT SHINE!!!!

Ginger said...

yup ur nails look preety shiny and neat. and i think they will grow better and stroger easily. hope it gets here in mumbai soon.

Chloe Mia said...

The results look great :)

Monique said...

That looks amazing on your nails!!

Monique xx

Hungover on Fashion said...

Yes, it was fun doing the video, many retakes..eventually just put up whatever I could.

Though they have a very very set training to attract customers, it did work in my case :)

Vintage Vixen said...

Your nails look fantastic, so shiny. I've seen this product in shopping malls over here and was rather sceptical but looking at the results of your manicure I'm very impressed. xxx

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

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anks said...

oh... i tried the demo and it lasted for only 3-4 days... :( am so glad it lasted that long for you...

Hungover on Fashion said...

looks like there is noone in delhi who has been spared by those seacret SA's.

@anks: yes it stayed for long..ofcourse it's the in the first 3-4 days, but then stays on!

Michelle's Style File said...

Thanks for the review- I see these peole all the time in the shopping centre : )