Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Davidoff Champion, Fragrance for Men: A True Champion!

What do you see in the picture? Did you say, "weights, dumbbell, workout?" Well no, it's a Davidoff Champion EDT bottle you're looking at.

Let me be a little honest here. There are some perfumes that I can't bear, but for the rest which are all bearable, it sometimes becomes a tough job to rate which one's more bearable than the other. I mean we all have our favorites but among the other nice ones, all seem equally nice to me when it comes to fragrances. And then, the look, the package makes a difference. This one certainly scores in both the look and the fragrance.

So if your man is someone who believes in working out and staying in shape, he is going to love it. And if he is the lazy one, it is a great way to inspire him to pick up some real dumbbells! So all men will love this! Read on to know more about the product and my review of the new Davidoff Champion fragrance.

About Davidoff Champion 
The fragrance Champion was launched last year. It intends to inspire men with its composition to gain power and new victories.

"Davidoff Champion is about the daily ritual of taking the time to build physical and mental strength. It puts verve into your step and triggers in you a desire to develop the latent potential within you to become a champion. Your fundamental instinct for victory and power – pushing forward boundaries, overcoming challenges."

About the Design (Designer: Alnoor)

I love the design! It is a a chunky dumbbell with stirring black-glass and head and tail have silver weights, makes it look very real!
Made of real metal with the contents boldly engraved on the cap, the bevelled-grip body gives a rough, masculine touch.
The sporty design makes it very attractive and intends to excite a will to win, a sense of resolution and iron-cast determination.

About the Fragrance

I have to say it has some complex ingredients. But I have tried to make it sound simple with wiki's help. This is the description from the Davidoff websites with my notes!

  • "Immediate refreshing impact of lemon and bergamot (a citrus fruit like lemon) create an invigorating start.
  • The heart note then gains ground with its energizing galbanum (an aromatic gum resin) essence and aromatic clary sage (an essential oil herb). 
  • Davidoff Champion is completed in its dry down by the masculine classic cedarwood all the while keeping a durable oak moss allure."
About the Range
The fragrance is available as 50 ml EDT, 90 ml EDT, 90 ml After Shave Splash, 100ml After Shave Balm, 200ml Hair and Body Shampoo and 70 grams deodorant stick.

Price and Availability: (EDT)
I could mostly find the 90ml bottle.
In US it is available for $ 97-$105 online. I also saw 50ml for $ 60 on a couple of sites.
In India, it is available for Rs 4800 in major retails like Shopper's Stop, Lifestyle etc.
It's a bit expensive and I am still hunting for the 50ml bottle.

What I like about Davidoff Champion

  • I love love love the design! It's innovative, it's inspiring and it's sporty and masculine!
  • Of course I love the fragrance too! It's very very refreshing.
  • It fades gradually fades but the freshness lingers for a long long time.
What I don't quite like about Davidoff Champion
90ml is a bit expensive, and 50ml is not available easily!

I think it makes a great gift! As I said earlier, your man will like it if he is a gym lover, and in case he isn't one, it would still inspire him! I think it's a hit with everyone and the design is great! Like me if you also think that $ 100 is a little too much, the 50ml EDT bottle is the perfect choice! Otherwise you could get him the after-shave!


PeachesandBlush said...

I love the bottle!! And you (or wiki) made the fragrance sound so yummy though i still dont know what galbanum and all mean..it just sounds yummy!

Gauri said...

This is a very useful post.

Asta said...

interesting! it looks nice. i am going to look it up. btw, we miss you. update more. take care.


Divina Joy said...

Cute bottle, so masculine. I think my brother or my father would love that. Sounds like it will make you smell fresh.

Hungover on Fashion said...

@Peachesandblush: Yes, it is yummy indded :)

@Gauri: Glad you liked it!

@Asta: Ya weekend was real busy with work and stuff...Even I missed blogging!! Now I'm back..

@Divina: Yes, I am sure they would love it..I am myself desperately searching for the 50ml bottle..

bhumika said...

I so wanna try the cool water.

Nivedita said...

The bottle is so interesting!! I always find it so difficult to describe perfumes!!