Monday, April 11, 2011

My (Not so Good) Experience with Colorbar SA and Eye Pencil Sharpeners

Remember I had written a review of Prunella where I said I was loving every thing about the pencil except the fact that it was too soft and broke every time I sharpened it. So I thought of taking it to the Colorbar store where I bought it from at Select City Saket and see if there was an issue with my sharpener or the pencil itself. I was glad that they were willing to take a look.

But here's the conversation with the Head SA, and I did not feel very good about it.

I: Hi, I took this pencil from here, but it breaks every time I sharpen it.
SA: : Okay, lets have a look. (handing it to the other SA) Here take this, sharpen and check.
       She sharpened it and it did not break!!!
SA: See, no breaking! (with an 'I so knew it' expression)

I: Strange, but it would break everytime I use it at home. May be there is something wrong with my sharpener. Do you guys have a special sharpener?
SA: Can't be, because it's a normal simple sharpener.

Now here his tone which was a little imposing really pissed me off. He had that expression as if I was lying! And I felt quite bad. Yes it was my sharpener indeed, but I hated the way the SA spoke to me. I even told him that but he said he was only doing hius job which is helping his customers!

Unfortunately there are not too many places selling Colorbar, so I have to keep going back to them! Anyway I bought the sharpener they had. It was an impulsive buy and a retort from my side! Here's what it looks like.

Product Name: Colorbar In-Cap Sharpener
Price: Rs 125
Made in Germany

Very sleek and convenient to carry
Weird shape, does not give a firm grip.
Expensive for a sharpener.
I will go back to Lakme.

Question for Readers: What sharpener do you use for your pencil eye liners? 

I started with the simple Nataraj ones but often the lead would get stuck at the corner and block it. Then I shifted to one from Lakme which worked great for a long time but I couldn't find it when I wanted to replace it. So I an unbranded kajal sharpener, but it did not work well.


PeachesandBlush said...

OMG...the colorbar male SA is so irritating in Select CIty Walk. Me and Priyam only enter the store when he is not there..she get so irriated with him...this saturday we were there in the morn and it was a relief that he wasnt there..hes way too imposing...

Hungover on Fashion said...

I am relieved that I am not the only with this experience!! Yes, its that male who was v irritating. In my prior visits I interacted with only the female SA's and they were all nice. Even that day one of them was trying to say something but he wouldn't let them even finish their sentences.

I think he's the store manager and has too much attitude. And the funny thing is that he sed he was apparently known for always being able to help the customers with whatever they wanted!!

anks said...

ohhh too bad... i hate SAs who treat customers like this!good news is, you don't have to keep going back to them! there is a colorbar counter at pvr (in the 24*7 store)in saket that is decently stocked...

Nivedita said...

Debaleena, the pencils break madly with normal sharpeners. I do something. When you come to Kolkata, you would find the hawkers in the footpath sell a kind of lip/eye pencils with sharpener caps. Those are sold at 10 rupees per pencil. The sharpeners are fabulous. I throw away the pencil and keep the sharpener. So a 10 rupee sharpener. Usually the eye pencils are harder than normal wooden ones, so they break. those sharpeners are tad good. If you want I'll come up with a picture in my blog just to show it to you. let me know.

Nivedita said...

And mine works good for Lakme and Maybelline too

bhumika said...

My lakme dual sized one works fine...
have tagged u..check..

Hungover on Fashion said...

@anks:you mean at pvr saket complex na? I actually rarely go there. there's one in GK2 also, but the stock isnt thaat good!

@nivedita: thanks for sharing the info, i will definitely get them the next time when i go to kol...will i find them at gariahat?

@bhumika: thanks for tagging, will definitely put up my handwriting :)

AD said...

Lets hope someone from Colorbar reads this and makes amends.

Hungover on Fashion said...

yeah i hope so too!!

Aarthi said...

I use the Lakme one and it is very nice :)

Aarthi said...

I am using the Lakme one and I really like it :)

Keerthi said...

Thats terrible! the Faces counter here is like that but luckily I have you bloggers to thank for the in-depth reviews so I just go and pick out the ones I like, n last time i actually told her what she was explaining wrong!! :O :)) felt awesome!!
PS: totally lost track of why i started commenting...Im using the Tips&Toes sharpener, pretty cheap and does a great job with my Chambor eye pencil Hope it helps :)

Keerthi said...

Thats horrible! The Faces counter that i found is the same here, annoying people! :/ Thanks to the reviews from you bloggers I just went and picked out the stuff I wanted and actually even told her something that she was explaining totally wrong!hehe felt amazing :D
totally lost track of why i started this using the Tips&Toes sharpener and its great with my Chambor eye-pencil, best of all its dirt cheap!hope that helps :)