Sunday, April 24, 2011

In Love with Browns These Days: Peep-toes from Tresmode and My Chocolate Cake (with Recipe)

 I picked this pair of brown peep-toes from Tresmode over the weekend.  I followed the anonymous advise on my shoe tag post here and moved to 14 from unlucky 13 for the count of my shoes :)

I was looking for a formal pair of shoes and definitely something non-black. I liked this pair in Shopper's Stop. The dark brown color will go well with most of my bottoms. The fit was perfect and comfortable and being made up of pure leather, should not cause sweat issues in Delhi's bad summers.

Price: Rs 1690

About Tresmode: Tresmode is an Italian brand and has been in India in 2007 in the major cities. However I hadn't really noticed them anywhere. It was recently that I spotted them in Shopper's Stop and liked their designs and they fitted very well. I have also seen an exclusive outlet in Select City, Saket.

Chocolate Cake

Remember we played a game as kids where someone would speak a word and you have say what is the first thing that comes to your mind (without really thinking) when you hear that word. I am sure this game had a name but I can't recall. Anyway, if anyone would ever say 'Brown', the only thing I would say is 'Chocolate Cake'. I actually call this 'Mom's Cake'!

Mom's cake is something that I can never get tired of eating. It's a very light, fluffy and delicious chocolate cake with a nice rich flavor. And more importantly it is pretty simple to  make (Of course if I can bake one, anyone can :)). Here's the recipe.

Mom's Simple Chocolate Cake Recipe
Flour: 1.5 cup
Powdered Sugar: 1.25 cup
Cocoa Powder: 1/3rd cup
Soda Bicarbonate (Meetha Soda): 1.5 teaspoon
Salt: A pinch
Chocolate or Vanilla Essence: 1 tbsp
Chocolate Color: 1 cap
Refined Oil: 1/3rd cup
Milk: 1 cup with 2 tbsp of Vinegar
Eggs: 2

Sieve flour, sugar, cocoa powder and soda.
Make a whole in the centre and add milk mixed with vinegar. Mix well.
Then add the essence (preferably chocolate but vanilla will also do) and color (this is not mandatory) followed by oil.
Finally break 2 eggs into the mixture and beat well (not for too long).
Then place the mixture in the convection mode in the microwave at 180 on the higher rack for 35 min.

Delicious cake ready, hope you like it!


PeachesandBlush said...

Will try this recipe fr suree and damn nice picturree i thought it was taken from a website!

indianmakeupways said...

leave the shoes...the cake is soooooooo yum :D

Linhy said...

yummy! chocolate cake looks so good!!!!!

uhooi said...

so lovely these shoes!! :*

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Hungover on Fashion said...

@Peachesnblush: Thanks for the photo compliment!! Nope not taken from any website, but I am hoping someday some website would put up a picture taken by me :))

@indianmakeupways and Linhy: Yes I absolutely adore it!!!!!!! Its yummy fluffy and light..

@Uhooi: Thanks :) I will visit your blog :)

Gauri said...

Wow, I didn't realize that Tresmode had such great shoes.

Glamorous Barbie ♥ said...

hey im following you now,retun the love by following me back

Aarthi said...

Choc cake my favvvvvvvvv :)

SinFoodie said...

Yumm!! I have tasted your mom's cake and it is truly delicious. Ab next time u have to make it for me :)

The shoes look fab too!!

Nivedita said...

Looks so yummy!!! I so love chocoatey anything!!!!

Cynthia Z said...

Those shoes look so comfy...and the cake looks yum!


EVE-O-LUTION said...

wowww such sexy shoes :) even I went shoe shopping yesterday :D
and yummy cake too :P