Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Faces Eye Pencil: Swatches, Photos, Review and Comparison with Other Blue Pencils

This was really the kind of blue that I had been looking for a long long time - The Navy Blue! This is the first time I am using a FACES product, thanks to the blog world! These pencils have a wide range of colors. I am planning to make a 12 color set of Faces pencils :)

Here's my review.

Product Details
  • Price: Rs 250 for 1.15 gm
  • Shade: Navy Blue
  • Range: Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil (Wide range of colors available)

What I like about Faces Navy Blue
  • The Color and Pigmentation: It lives up to its name and is a true dark Navy Blue pencil, with a good pigmentation, 2 strokes and you're done.
  • The Texture and Finish: Its soft to apply and has non-shimmery finish. I already had a shimmery blue and so this was perfect.
  • Long Stay and Smudge-proof: Well it stays on till you clean it off! Also I wear it for 8 hours and it does not smudge unless you rub it real hard.
  • The Price: While all these sound similar to Chambor Eye Tattoo or Colorbar I Glide, here's what is different - the price! It costs 250 for 1.15 as against 325 for 1.1 for Colorbar, without too much difference in the overall performance!
I wish Faces Navy Blue was Better in These..
  • Availability: Although these pencils have been around for a while, they were not easily available. It's still not available in the retail houses like shoppers stop, lifestyle etc. They are available in some drug stores. 
Availability in Delhi: I saw a counter in DLF Place Mall, Saket. I don't know of any other place. 
If you know where else to find them please leave a comment.
  • Ease of Removal: While I wouldn't exactly call this a serious issue like that with Lakme I Glide, but my experience is that it does not completely go off with a face-wash. You have to use a make-up remover (Which ideally we always should, but I am generally lazy), and then it goes off quickly.
Overall Rating: 4/5 (Price gets some extra weight)

Will I Buy it Again? Of course, I have to complete the 12 color set :)

Offers from Faces
  • The DLF Place counter I visited had the following offer of 'Spend Rs 400, Get a Kajal worth Rs 99 free'.
  • Recently, there was also an offer of 'Get 2 Pencils worth 500 for Rs 300' on Fashion and You. I missed it, but waiting for the next one! So keep your eyes and ears open!
Comparison of Blue Eye Pencil Swatches

  • 1. Lakme I Glide Eye Color
  • 2. Navy Blue from Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil
  • 3. Astral Blue from Lakme Shadow Artist
1 has a violet tinge with shimmer
2 is the perfect blue
3 is slightly towards turquoise

Smudge Quotient

One stroke and this is what happens.
1 and 2 stay fine but 3 gets smudged very easily.


PeachesandBlush said...

I love the aces blue color..i think ill get it myself !

anks said...

lovely colour! all big bazaars have the faces counter... i have seen them at vasant kunj and sahara mall, gurgaon...

Nivedita said...

I would buy the whole bunch and flaunt after I even finish up my Maybelline and Lakme colored eye pencils!!! :P
The blue is ecstatic!!!!

Aarthi said...

I like all 3 blues :)

Hungover on Fashion said...

@PnB: Ya ya get more of them..

@Anks: that was useful info..

@Nivedita: Come on who says you have to finish eye pencils to get new ones..

@Aarthi: Even I like all of them :)
Just that the shadow artist smudges too much..

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

Hungover on Fashion said...

@Anonymous: Glad that you liked it..Just wondering why you expressed your appreciation anonymously :)

Anonymous said...

Nice post:) i recently bought dis:) happy to see its visible on my eyes (hav dark circles) unlike others. Is purple shade of dis brand also pigmented lik dis? As for availablity its here in pothy's t.nagar,chennai