Sunday, April 3, 2011

World Cup Crazy Celebrations! (with Videos)

Fans Celebrating in Delhi! 

Shirtless Guys were seen Everywhere!

Sonia Gandhi Greets the Crowd!

For once I was stuck in a traffic jam and was enjoying it!! Yes, noone complained because we had just won the World Cup!! I did not have the luck to go and watch the match in a stadium but I still felt a part of an unforgettable celebration, something that is hard to repeat in even a life time. I am amongst the fortunate fews to have recorded the historic event twice in a lifetime, but the last time I was only a baby in the nappies. This time I actually experienced it!

We first headed to GK II M block market, where fans were screaming 'Virat Kohli ki Jai!!!!'. There was high energy all around. Strangers were hugging each other to congratulate! A lot of people had taken off their shirts some had taken off their pants too! And of course there was traffic jam too. Everyone had gone crazy! And why not, it was a maddening moment indeed.

Then we headed towards the center of celebration of the capital, India gate! But alas, we could never reach the destination because of the massive jam. But that does not mean we did not celebrate. People had stopped their cars in the middle of the road and the show was on. Some were dancing around their car, while some on the roof of their car and some on the bonnet.I saw a gentleman doing the 'Salman Khan pelvic thrust' with his car! Even Sonia Gandhi was greeting the fans while sitting on the bonnet of her car!

The atmosphere was just amazing! Guys, girls, kids, adults everyone was there. And, almost everyone from Poonam Pandey to the wild fans wanted to shed clothes to show their support and happiness!! It seemed that sitting inside the car was banned by law because everyone was sitting on the windows of their cars with the heads out. For those with the privilege of having a car with a sunroof, this was definitely the best use of it! At 3 am in the night, it looked like the party had just begun. Everyone was cheering, even the cops celebrated. Everyone was stuck on bad traffic but the bad enjoyed every moment of it.

Finally we simply took a left turn to head back home. But what I had seen and felt was absolutely amazing!
We did take a few videos but they were taken in so much excitement that they all shook :( I have put them up nevertheless. You can hear the noise and feel the excitement!!

Congrats Team India!!
I think Monday, 4th April should be declared as a National Holiday!!!

And, where is Poonam Pandey now????

Pictures from Google Images
Videos from Me!


Tanveer Parmar said...

Gr8 pics! *not the shirtless one though - tht's just funny*

Congrats! :D

Hungover on Fashion said...

Yes, as I said almost everyone from Poonam Pandey to the wild fans wanted to shed clothes to show their support and happiness!! Just that some really did it and some are still waiting for Poonam to do it :)

PeachesandBlush said...

I just saw the video...wish i had gone to india gate too!

Hungover on Fashion said...

Yes, it was simply amazing!!

PeachesandBlush said...

The only firecrackers in gurgaon were the ones that we bursted...

Chloe Mia said...

It does look crazy haha :) x

Poohkie said...

WE WON!!!The most amazing feeling ever!
lol those shirtless guys!

Ankita said...


lipstick and blush addict said...

lol...we wanted it we got it.. :)

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