Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ekta and Kareena at Koffee with Karan: Do they Look Similar?

We all remember that Saifeena episode of Koffee with Karan where the couple were at their candid best. The episode became popular particularly after Saif proclaimed that he was 'long' amongst other things! Kareen looked pretty in a saree with a strapless blouse. He make up was simple an elegant.

Then I recently watched a bit of the episode of the show where Karan had invited Ekta and Tushar Kapoor. I actually had a liking for Ms Kapoor not because of the kind of soaps that she made but because she dared to make them! But, I couldn't really watch her for long in the show since she was too animated and sarcastic with her eyes moving too much all the time. But the one thing that crossed my mind was that she was similarly dressed as Kareena in the show!

Of course that was no life-changing observation, but I just found it interesting! And if I was in Ekta's place I would have rather not dressed up as someone like the hot Bebo :) What do you think?

Kareena and Saif @ Koffee with Karan

Ekta and Tushar @ Koffee with Karan

What do I see..
The same couch
Chiffon Saree
Strapless Blouse
Open Hair
Bare Neck
And funny that even the men look similarly dressed :)

By the way, this is what Ekta was wearing in her last appearance in the show. Atleast nothing was popping out this time!


bhumika said...

haha..dunno y ekta is behaving dat way..suddnly the urge to expose :p

Hungover on Fashion said...

it's not the urge to expose but her weird sarcastic expressions on the show that irritated me..

From Broadway said...

Don't see any similarity =(. But the shows too entertaining!!

Hungover on Fashion said...

@From Broadway: As I had said it was no life changing observation..
But come on, I did jot down all the similarities - the chiffon saree, the strapless blouse, the bare neck etc etc..But okay if you don't agree :)

Rakhshanda said...

Yeah, the dress is kinda similar. Interesting post!!
I'm following..plz follow back-

Ik said...

I dint watch this episode, but why oh whyyyy is she wearing that?! popping out?lol

TENZIN said...

i saw the kareena and saif's episode and i just remembered how karan would ask saif a question about kareena and he would always get it wrong,lol.btw my mom's such a huge fan of ekta's soaps.

Hungover on Fashion said...

@Ik: yeah, wondering why she needs to do those things :) she's the director after al..