Monday, July 11, 2011

My 'Nudes' Shopping - Colorama Nail Polish, Colorbar Lip Color, TBS Lip Protector

All posters are screaming 'Sale' and hence I couldn't stay without going to the mall at least once. I headed to the South City Mall with my mom and aunt. But it looked like the whole world was already there! In a 5 storeyed parking, we managed to get a slot on the roof, the last one!! But it wasn't such a bad thing, the view was very nice and I got to see the sunset, something that happens everyday and yet escapes our eyes because  either we're watching TV or at working at office or there are just too many buildings in front of the balcony :).

I stepped into the Van Heusen store and as usual, it was crowded and I can never find anything in a crowded shop. I start feeling claustrophobic actually. There was 30% off and a buy 2 get 1 free offer which wasn't bad.

Eventually I thought of checking out the Pantaloons cosmetics offers because the clothes section had to be super-crowded. They had 15% off on most of the brands like Colorbar, Maybeline. Faces etc. Almost every brand had some kind of an offer going on. I focused on the first two because had been thinking of buying a long-lasting lip color for a really long time and was swaying between these two brands. Finally these are what I picked. Hopefully they will not disappoint me. I have not even opened the pack. Will definitely review once I use them.

Maybelline Colorama Nail Enamel: Nude - Rs 85 for 8 ml

This is a pinkish nude shade. I generally like Colorama nail enamels because they have a nice range of colors, stay on pretty well and are very easy on the pocket. I don't wear nail polish very often and most of them dry out. So I generally don't go for expensive ones.

Colorbar Extra Durable Lip Color: Candid - Rs 450 for Color and Gloss (4.5 ml each)

This is also a pinkish nude color. It comes with a gloss and is expected to last till you remove it. From the swatches I have a feeling, it will be true. Rest, time will tell :) The review will come soon.

TBS Hemp Lip Protector - Rs 275 for 4.2 gms

Just like I complained of dry and chapped lips, so did my mom. TBS had 3 types of lip protectors sticks besides 9-10 perfumed lip balms. This one is fragrance free and is supposed to be the best for dry, flaky lips. 

The Hemp lip protector  is enriched with Community Trade beeswax from Zambia to moisturise and soothe even the driest lips. Rest mommy will tell.

Sunset from the South City Mall Roof, Kolkata
And here comes my inspiration! It's the pinkish nude shade of the sky that made me buy those things :)


bhumika said...

cremosa nude is one of my fav nail paints :))

Anonymous said...

Hey! I've given you the butterfly award! Check it out at my blog! Thanks!
Riley <3
~P.S. Lovely pictures!

kuheli said...

nice haul. u went to pantaloons? they r offering sale na? how was tht? i wanna go too. :P

Hungover on Fashion said...

@bhumika: yeah i like it too..hopefully, they will look nice on my nails..

@Riley: Thanks!!!!

@Kuheli: Yes, I went to Pantaloons.. Dint explore too much cos it was super crowded being a sunday evening..But make up stalls had discounts as mentioned in my post.. mostly 15% off..I wanna go again!!

anamika said...

nice haul :) is body shop having sale too??

Hungover on Fashion said...

@Anamika: TBS is not on sale right now, but expected to have one in the end of this month..

Em said...

Nice list!