Thursday, March 17, 2011

Munni Becomes Badnaam in Australia Too and Creates a World Record - Video

"The most popular song of the movie Dabangg, ‘Munni Badnam Huyi’ has made history during Indian Film Festival in Melbourne. On the opening night of the fest, while Dabangg was being screened, the swarms of 1200 people were super excited and the moment they saw Malaika Arora Khan on the screen, they started a spontaneous gig. This gig continued for 3 minutes and the Guinness Book representative were quick enough to get a glimpse of the action, thus allowing “Munni” enter into the prestigious Guinness Book of Records for 1200 people dancing for 3 minutes in Melbourne park."

Source: Worldwide Web


Nivedita said...

OMG!!!!! ( I'm speechless now)

Anonymous said...

hey! im a new follower!
yeah my friends went to that and yeah i was told that it was quite an experience! lol

wish they have film festival in my city!!

btw... great blog!

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