Monday, March 7, 2011

Fruit or Soap, You Can't Tell!

We all know about fruity soaps - soaps with fruity ingredients and scents. There are many of those kind. But this was the first time I saw that soaps could get this fruity!

Confused? These are actually hand-made soaps available at the Select City Mall, Delhi.

I am not sure if the concept is new, but I had never seen such 'original' stuff. Infact, when I bumped into the shop, the first thing that came to my mind was 'Why the hell have they set up a fruit shop inside a mall!'. Later I realised, they were fruits actually!!

BTW, these guys have come all the way from Turkey and this is their first venture!
  • Be it the shape, size or color, they resemble the original fruit very closely.
  • Almost all 'fruits' are available, water-melon, grapes, banana, orange, strawberry and many others whose names I don't even know!!
  • Different 'fruits' have different fragrances, mostly fruity.
  • The way they have assorted the 'fruits' in the basket is amazing. They look like a real fruit basket!

Price: The small ones are Rs 100 (eg strawberry). The bigger ones are for Rs 150 (eg. watermelon).
You can buy individual pieces or an assorted basket.

An assorted basket would cost something like Rs 1000 - Rs 1500.
That may sound a bit expensive, but then handmade soaps are never cheap and are generally very very refreshing. I think they make an exciting gift!

Availability: I have not seen them anywhere other than the 'Frutti Soapy Garden' at the 'Select City Mall', Saket, Delhi. But I am sure they have a few outlets too. I will find out and put it up!

Thought: How do you bathe with a grape shaped soap?

Here are some pictures.

The 'Frutti Soapy Garden' Stall at Select City, Saket, Delhi

Watermelon and Banana

Assorted Baskets 

Beware, contents for external use only! Don't get tempted to eat them!!


Zainab said...

Duude! This is soooo cool!
Thanks for sharing!

A Lot Like Fashion said...

They look extremely interesting, however, are they any good as soaps?

Hungover on Fashion said...

@Zainab: Ya they're really cool!!

@A lot like fashion: unfortunately I dint buy one. I was too busy taking snaps! But planning to get one soon..Will let u know.

Shruti said...

I actually couldn't tell!!
Please use and write a review!

Anonymous said...

Interesting...could prove dangerous if mistakenly placed in kitchen..are they non toxic ;)?

Ankita said...


ClassyandFabulous said...

HAhah so cute:)

PeachesandBlush said...

I love going to get a kiwi one and use it !!! yayieee..

Hungover on Fashion said...

I really can't wait to try them!!

BTW, the boys are giving some naughty comments that I have not published!!

Ik said...

Thought: How do you bathe with a grape shaped soap?

bwaaahahahahaha so its the size of a real grape only? :P maybe its a bunch!:P

Hungover on Fashion said...

Ya ya everything is the size of the actual fruit. I think they can only be used for washing hands and stuff..

Anonymous said...

I have taken it. And I take everyday good fragrances in my room. Even I used 2-3 pieces. After the using these soaps I felt my skin very soft. I liked it