Monday, March 7, 2011

Van Heusen Woman Summer Collection 2011, Sneak Peek

 My mall visit is generally incomplete without a quick round of the Van Heusen Woman store. Most of the times I walk into this store with the intention to just 'check out' some new stuff but end up owning a few of them!! Having seen me walk into the store pretty often, the staff is kind of familiar with me and I must confess they are to be 'blamed' to some extent for changing my 'just check out' intention to 'I think I will buy this' decision.

So this is what is new. The sale is over and Van Heusen Woman is here with their new collection for this season.This is not a full fledged review with rating but these are the notable trends.

  • They have come out a new range in both casual as well as formal wear including dresses.
  • Lots of Blue: Blue seems to be their favorite color. But I certainly won't complain since it's one of my favorites too and it is the color of the season starting from Bollywood to Hollywood. Be it the casual tops or the formal dresses, you will find a lot of stuff in various shades of blue.
  • New Satin Stuff: They did have some satin stuff earlier but this time I saw quite a few new ones in both dresses as well as formal tops. What I really liked was the nice and bright patterns. They are good for office or even for an evening wear. My only concern is, being made of polyester, would they be comfortable for the uncomfortable scorching summer!
  • Coming Soon: The 'Sport' Range: I saw that they have 'Sport' written on their packing bags. So, they would soon be coming out with a brand new 'Sport' range! That's cool although I have a feeling their formal wear would still remain the USP. We'll have to wait and watch!
  • Some Old Things Retained: Besides the new ones, they still have some of their old popular items like some dresses and skirts.
Here are some pictures.
I have also put in more pictures of stuff that I had bought earlier from Van Heusen Woman here.

The Van Heusen Woman Store at Select City, Saket, Delhi

New Dresses

Casual Wear

New Satin Collection

New Packing Bag


Tabatha said...

Oh, the dres on the 2nd photo from the buttom looks so cute, I love everything purple!

Thank you for the comment on my blog :-) Unfortunately I've to admit that I don't write tuts, I'm so not good at them :-(

Meg.Meh.P. ( said...

re comment on my blog

Thanks so much for appreciating the idea, I would love if you could take part in it. But If you do get your hands on red tights do drop in your outfit picture. All the best!


Shruti said...

Satin stuff look really nice!

PeachesandBlush said...

Me liking the dress..but what the dummies are wearing is so ..non van heusewn types...looks like a resort/ beach wear collection on dummies instead of corporate formal..

Hungover on Fashion said...

agreed on the dummy thing! imagine what will happen when they come with the sport collection. I still like them for their formals primarily

andrewhudson said...

I liked the whole blog as I love this brand.
Van Heusen for Women