Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Pink Lipsticks that I have: Swatches, Reviews, Photos

That was a bit of my photography passion. Here is my passion for pink. 
Earlier I thought pink was too perky for me and I would always go for browns. But then a friend convinced me that it was nice to add a bit of color to the face. And from then on, I have loved pink! And it's amazing how there can exist so many shades of just one color.

The Shades

1. Shy, Clinique Different Lipstick (A 10) - $14/ Rs 1025
2. Rose Petal, New York Color (NYC) (403B) - $2
3. Amorous, MAC Satin Lipstick (A 50) - $14.5/ Rs 990
4. Rose Jam, Maybelline Watershine (10) - Rs 220

The Packing

On the Skin

If you liked my pink lipstick collection, you can also take a look at my box of eyeliners here.


Shy, Clinique Different Lipstick
Love the color, have not used yet.

Rose Petal, New York Color

  • This was the result of my attempt to buy cheap cosmetics from NY. I got it from a drugstore and there was no tester. 
  • The color turned out to be too bright. I used it in combination of other colors to tone it down.
  • Well pigmented but not creamy. Stays fairly long though. 
  • Did not mind experimenting with $2 but won't try again :)

Amorous, MAC Satin Lipstick 

  • I have reviewed this very thoroughly here. I love this lipstick and currently use it almost everyday. 
  • Has a slightly purple tone.

Rose Jam, Maybelline Watershine

  • Till I got my MAC, I wore this regularly and as you can see, it's almost over! 
  • Loved the color, bright pink but very wearable. 
  • Added some kind of a glow to my lips. Very creamy and soft too.
  • But did not stay long as the product promised. 
  • Also, did not wear away evenly,  left some pink patches on my lip.


ABIGAIL NY said...

Great shades of lipstick!

Ik said...

I want to try out amorous! :)

Hungover on Fashion said...

@Abigail: Thanks :)
@Ik: Yup, I m loving it!

Nivedita said...

The Rose Jam is my favourite as well. Love the color. It kind of leaves a stain on my lips and prevents my lips from drying out. No patchiness for me. :O All the shades are so beautiful.
As usual, lovely pic. Love the first one esp

Hungover on Fashion said...

Thanks Nivedita. First pics my fav too:)

The Style Rawr said...

We looooove pink lipsticks! Amorous has to be our favourite 0:)

We're now following you- please follow us back! :)

T & J


bhumika said...

I love pinks too..

kuheli/bulbul said...

i like pink lipsticks too. i liked the 1,3 shades. :)

Hungover on Fashion said...

hmm..waiting to wear the clinique one regularly. might start today..color wise I like mac and maybelline both :)

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

Loved Maybelline Watershine. Both the color n packaging!!!
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Froso M. said...

Great choices, we have the Mac one in common, I really like it!

Have a great week!
Froso from Style Nirvana.

Dale said...

These are all great colors, I'll definitely have to try the MAC one next time I go. Nice post, great info

Ankita said...

1st pic and 3rd shade are the best.

Theresa said...

It's funny, my eye was immediately drawn to the Maybelline one, and that is my favorite affordable company! I am really impressed with the quality of their products. Their mascara is my favorite, hands-down! I really liked reading your opinions and reviews. How about following each other?

PeachesandBlush said...

This is what i was going to write earlier- that NYC is so cheap 2$ only!!!! Btw found a drugstore brand with good quality eyeshadows in the US. Wet and Wild...3 eyeshadows for 2$....u shud get it on yr next trip;

Hungover on Fashion said...

Ya wet n wild and nyc are very comparable in terms of price. i guess they will b the same in terms of quality as well..n wasnt too happy with nyc stuff.

Hungover on Fashion said...

I actually forgot to write about my revlon pink lipstick :(