Friday, March 11, 2011

Zara has an Interesting Shoe Collection

Can you believe it, I go to the Select City Mall every weekend but today was the first time I entered the Zara store! Don't ask me why, because I am wondering myself! It was a Friday and the bosses were away, so I left office a little early. Dropped in the mall for some work which was over in the first 10 minutes. But then there was no point going home so early on a Friday evening. So I made the most of this opportunity of my being alone, by window shopping without feeling the guilt of making someone else wait!

Anyway coming to Zara, the store's pretty huge and very nicely set up and color coordinated. Besides clothes, they also have a huge collection of shoes comprising low heels, wide heels, stilettos, ballerina and some flats. I liked them and so decided to write about the two pairs that I thought were the most interesting (not necessarily the ones that I loved)!! Well, I think you need to have 'something' to be able to carry those shoes (both in terms of comfort and style). I know I can't (heels or price, both are pretty high). Nevertheless, I want to write about them. And do tell me what you think.

Price: 5,990 INR
Height of heel: 11 cms./ 4,33 inches.

What makes them Interesting:
The Heel, The 'Belt', The Color Combination

I like these because of the sleek style and the vibrant colors. 
Extremely chic and smart.

6,990 INR
Height of heel: 10 cms./ 3,94 inches

What makes them Interesting:
The Black & White Heel, The Zipper

I don't these tooo much because they have the same old basic design, but as I said, found them interesting!!

Here are some which are more wearable

3,990 INR
Height of heel: 2 cms./ 0,79 inches.

4,590 INR
Height of heel: 2,5 cms./ 0,98 inches.
Pictures collated  from the Zara website

Something that I really liked about Zara

I took some pictures in the store but they did not come out well since I clicked them in a hurry. When I came back home and looked at them, I was rather disappointed since I could not have written this post without the pictures. So I checked their website and was glad to see that they had it updated unlike most other brands in India. I did not see all the store shoes on the site but most of them were there.

So you can easily browse the site and decide on what you want to buy sitting at home with your hubby, and then just to the store to check the fit and the size. Trust me, it will be much quicker and hubby will be much happier :)

I wish the brands did the same too! 

Some shoes I did not see on the website (The pics are really bad :()


kuheli/bulbul said...

seven thousands for a pair of shoes?!!!!!!! i'm gonna faint...:P

Hungover on Fashion said...

Focus on the design only :)Zara shoes are for the eyes only :)

Nivedita said...

I have a close dupe of the sky blue pair. It makes me feel soo tall. I only 5ft. :p
But I find a problem with too much of high heels. The back straps often refuses to stay in place.:(

Hungover on Fashion said...

Thats cool :) I need dupes too!
But can never carry very high heels..

Tabatha said...

I go very seldom to Zara& never paid attention to their shoes, but the multicolored ones are really cute. But I guess I wouldn't buy them myself because I mostly wear black shoes, they simply go with almost everything.

-YazmiinAktar- said...

hello, thankyou for the comments you left on my blog...

follow? :)

&& I really like the 1st shoe!


Anonymous said...

any insights on the zippered pairs? is there a hidden compartment or are the heels meant to be peeled off and exchanged by opening the zip!!!

Hungover on Fashion said...

@Tabatha: Yup even I generally wear black.. But I now I want to add some colors :)

@Yazmiin: Dropped some more comments :)

@Anonymous: Do you really want an answer :)

Ik said...

how do you like the wide heeled ones ?? I cant makeup my mind on those. :|they're usually very cute then comes the heel. that I dont know.. :| I dont really like much :|:|there! I said it!

Srish said...

Love the second chic and trendy!!but I don't think I have the heart to spend THAT much money on shoes :(

Style Fashion Etc

Hungover on Fashion said...

@Ik: I included some more pics for you :)
@Srish: Neither do I, but nice for the eyes :)

PeachesandBlush said...

LOVE zara shoes...but theyr so expensive :(