Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Box of Eyeliners: Swatches, Reviews, Photos

Make up for me has been 'wearing an eyeliner' for a long time. I never indulged myself in fancy eye shadows (though now I want to..), but the basic outlining of the eye is something that I have always done.

I have a preference for pencils over liquid liners as I think pencils give me a better control and grip. Many people feel otherwise though. 

Also I like the pencils that can be sharpened. Can't really of a reason other than the fact that I have always loved sharpening my pencils during my school days. Often made flowers from the layers that came off :). Just kidding, but I like using a very sharp tip for the upper lining.

So here's a tour of my eye liner box!! Hope you enjoy it..

1. Blue Eye Glide On from Lakme - Rs 275
2. Green Eyeliner Pencil from Revlon (Shade 14) - Rs 230
3. Black Eye Tattoo Liner from Chambor (Shade ET 01, K 36) - Rs 325
4. Purple I Glide Eye Pencil from Colorbar (Prunella, 05) - Rs 325
5. Brown Magic Eye Liner Pencil from Revlon (Flirty Brown, Shade 94) - Rs 390
6. Blackish Green Eye Tattoo Liner from Chambor (Shade ET 03, J 20) - Rs 325

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Brief Review
I intend to review Colorbar and Chambor in detail because I am simply loving them. But, have not been able to click the perfect swatch. Still struggling. Here are a few lines about each of my eye liners.

Blue Eye Glide On from Lakme
Nice color, smooth shine, does not smudge. 
But cannot be removed easily. 
Also, no color shown on the pencil, neither a name mentioned. 
And it's not very very soft like the others. 
I won't buy this range again.

Green Eyeliner Pencil from Revlon
Love this color, has a soft shine, does not claim to be smudge-proof and long stay but never smudged, and stays for fairly a long time. (The black one of the same range smudged a lot)
Easy on the pocket.

Black Eye Tattoo Liner from Chambor
Perfect black, soft, no shine, waterproof and smudgeproof, long stay. 
I wear this the most frequently.
Smudges if I sleep without removing it.

Purple I Glide Eye Pencil from Colorbar
Very pretty color, has a soft shine, very long stay, never smudges. 
Actual color is closer to the color on the pencil than in the swatch. 
But too soft and beaks easily. 

 Brown Magic Eye Liner Pencil from Revlon 
Metallic shine, soft, long stay, smugeproof
But color does not show up very nicely on my eyes.

Blackish Green Eye Tattoo Liner from Chambor
Love this color, blackish green, has a soft shine, long stay. 
The sales people call it a green shade but it is actually very dark and I prefer to call it a greenish black rather than blackish green.


kuheli/bulbul said...

i liked 2,4 & 6. try the latest colorbar shades. they have a nice smokey turquoise green color. :)

Hungover on Fashion said...

2, 4 and 6 are my favorite too :)but can't live without 3 - the black one.. May be I will gradually replace black with greenish black.

Nivedita said...

Love all the shades. Esp the prunella. I'm tempted to post about my collection as well. :P
Your photos always come out so clean

Hungover on Fashion said...

Thanks :) Ya ya please write about yours too..
You know what sometime when I put in so much effort in my photos, I forget that its a fashion and not a photography blog.. But then can't help it :)

bhumika said...

very nice collection..I love I glide too
dey hav cum up wit 3 new colors...!! :)
n m eyeing coal mine from it..
m tempted to try chambor eye tattoo if it does not smudge n stays well on waterline..n does not irritate d waterline..

Ik said...

you have such pretty eyeliners!!! I have never used any i glide.. :|
Chambor seems a favourite! I really want to try these out now! thanks for this post!!:)
Bdw, my giveaway is finally on now! :) do check it out at

Hungover on Fashion said...

@Bhumika and @Ik: Thanks and yes Chambor is a must try. I will also write a detailed review for them.
And I got the I glides after reading Bhumika's review :) Have to try the other colors too..

Ik said...

:):) I am definitely going to check them out now! :)

fashion drunk said...

Hey there! :) Nice blog :)
Since you are interested in eyeliners try the gel eyeliner from maybelline sometime. Its FABULOUS!
Take care.

PS: Our blog names are so co-related :P Haha!

PeachesandBlush said...

I like the greens you have..i want a green..

Hungover on Fashion said...

@fashion drunk: I dont like liquid liners :(

@PnB: I like all of my colors..Checked out the i glide blue yesterday, darker than lakme but not something like a navy blue that i m looking for
also, i glide green is quite nice. try it out

Ankita said...

Nice Collection..!
2nd pic is nice.
p.s. Don't knw if it's just me but the Lakme blue colour looks Weird in the swatch :-O.

EVE-O-LUTION said...

Even Im crazy for pencil liners- I should definitely get chambor now :)