Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Latest Obsession: A Forever 21 Necklace

While I was not exactly impressed with the clothing collection of Forever 21, their accessories collection was interesting. Some were junky while some were sleek and pretty. And most importantly they were mostly under $10.

I bought this cute necklace from one of their stores! Loved the two-layered design and the fake 'diamonds' :). And the style was such that it would go with both closed and deep necks! There were 2 colors - purple and silver. I chose the silver one as it would go well with almost all colors!

After wearing it for the first day I left it on my table and it had got tangled. In my desperate effort to untangle it, I ended up tangling it further. Two-layered and long chains are bad in this regard. Eventually a salesgirl helped me in getting this back in shape after working on it for almost an hour!! She was an angel. And ever since, I wore it for almost everyday and totally fell in love with it!! My trip pictures provide a perfect evidence!

Are you wondering how much did I pay for it that I loved it soo much.. Well it was rather cheap, yet pretty :)
Here are some pictures from the Forever 21 website itself.


Girlie Blogger said...

It's so pretty. F21 is a great place to find cheap yet fashionable jewelry.

The Girlie Blog

Hungover on Fashion said...

yes, this one's my absolute favorite :)